• SC_2017_Carnival_FEAT

    Fetish Carnival | 200 Photos

    The Fetish Carnival party is always one of our most fun, colourful and kinky parties of the year, packed with all sorts of sexy shenanigans, inventive outfits, and of course, tons of people having the time of their lives. Click through and check out the gallery from April’s party … is it time for the next party at The Odyssey yet?

  • SC_June_2017_FEAT

    June 10 | Fetish Hospital

    CALLING ALL DIRTY DOCTORS, NAUGHTY NURSES, STRAIGHT-JACKETED SEXPOTS AND HOSPITAL HARLOTS! Get ready for one SICK, SEXY night of fetish fun at Sin City’s annual FETISH HOSPITAL PARTY. Medical theme fetish outfits highly encouraged but not mandatory – all fetish patients are welcome to check in!

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  • Hot!

    Sin Mix #4 – “ElectroSwing City”



    For one night only, we are returning to our original venue Club 23 West, now called The Hindenburg, for a very special party where we are reactivating all the customizations made to the venue during a tenure there of a full decade and a half! Two rooms of DJs & dirty dancing, immersive kink visuals, multiple kink play areas, full size photo booth, on stage dancing & play areas, and much much more. We WILL be releasing advance front-of-the-line tickets for this, so stay tuned!

  • SC_2017_Corset_FEAT
    Hot! Gallery

    Corset Fetish Ball | 256 Photos

    THIS JUST MIGHT BE THE BEST PHOTO GALLERY FROM SIN CITY AT THE ODYSSEY SO FAR! A huge thank you to our roving photographers, Frankie Panky, and Atratus from Gothic BC for this phenomenal gallery which beautifully highlights the spirit of the party, and which superbly showcases our new home at The Odyssey, all the fun corners where people congregate and cut loose, and of course the biggest thank you of all to our wonderful & wild Sinners for being so bold & beautiful, inside and out!

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    UNICORNS. Mythical lovers. Fearsome yet whimsical beasts. Also, the latest mix from DJ Pandemonium! Whatever you’re doing, whether you’re getting ready for partying, after-partying, or just hanging out cleaning the house, bump this mix LOUD and get things started!

  • 2017_Valentines_Photos_FEAT
    Hot! Gallery

    Fetish Valentine’s Ball | 193 Photos

    The second party at our new venue was even crazier than the first! A huge thank you to everyone who came and made the event so much fun, and a huge thank you to our roving photographer, Frankie Panky, for this phenomenal gallery which beautifully highlights the spirit of the party, and which superbly showcases the new space! Click through to see the whole gallery!

  • SC_2017_Odyssey_Opening_FEAT
    Hot! Gallery

    188 Photos From Sin City’s Grand Opening Party at The Odyssey!

    The general consensus from both newer and long-term attendees is that our new venue at The Odyssey just might be the best venue for Sin City yet. Click through to see all the photos from Sin City’s Grand Opening party – warning, this gallery is definitely NSFW!

  • SC_2017_Valentine's_Flyer_FEAT


    Valentine’s is always one of the most popular and high-spirited parties of the year at Sin City! DRESS YOUR BEST … but remember, themes are ALWAYS just an added bonus and are never mandatory. Any fetish outfit as per the full Sin City dress code will do, but the Valentine’s theme is HIGHLY encouraged!

    No advance tickets, first come, first serve at the door only. Click through to the full event description for lots of outfit ideas!

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  • SC_2016_NYE_FEAT
    Hot! Gallery

    390 Photos From The Sin City Fetish NYE Ball

    2016 was the year that Sin City’s Fetish NYE Ball officially grew to be one of our top events of the year, ranking right up there with Halloween, Valentine’s and our Anniversary party in terms of excitement, attendance, electric kinky energy crackling through the party, and omg the OUTFITS. Feast your eyeballs on this absolutely stunning crowd, ranging from every age and body type out there, putting their imagination and joyful, pervy attitude at maximum levels.

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