A huge and mighty THANK YOU to everyone who attended the absolutely over the top closing party at The Odyssey! And an even greater thank you to the management, staff and everyone at the venue for bringing Sin City on board into what quickly became one of our favourite homes for Sin ever. Though we were only at the venue for a relatively short couple of years, an incredible amount of memories were packed into that time. It’s a crazy time in Vancouver, with venues closing left and right in the blink of an eye, with no new venues coming to replace them. Everything has already been moved out of the Odyssey, walls are already being knocked down, and it’s already being converted into whatever business it will be next. Meanwhile, the bonds which connect us all in the kink community cannot be broken by a venue closure – and the parties, events and social gatherings will continue come hell or high water!

    The next BIG event on the horizon is Vancouver Fetish Weekend, happening July 26-27-28-29-30 across a variety of venues in the city.

    But what’s next for a regular spot for Sin City?

    Well, there’s ANOTHER venue closing now as well, one that has been coming for some time, where we’ve already had a farewell party (or two!) before, but this time, it’s for good, as the building has been sold and the developers are moving in.

    Just over 17 years to the day since we started Sin City there in May of 2001, it’s finally time to announce :

    The Hindenburg is closing.


    It’s had many names over the years : The Hungry Eye, The Limelight, Club 23 West, The Hindenburg … and for the entire time, has always welcome the alternative and kink scene as part of its weekend offerings, but the building has finally been sold, with the developers and bulldozers coming.


    Some time in the next short while we will be getting the official FINAL date. We will definitely be getting one more party there for Sin City, and if we are lucky, two. We’ll have word shortly when we can have those events, and they’ll be sometime in the next two months, and then it’s time to say our final goodbye to the home where Sin City started, and exploded into a cultural phenomenon in the city, with a residency spanning well over a decade. We’ve spent endless hours cultivating the space over the years into a pervy playground with lots of options for kinky socializing, play and dancing, and we’re thrilled to get back in just one or two last times at a venue where we can have two separate rooms of different types of music, stage dancing, full size areas and rooms dedicated to kink and rope play, a photo booth area and more.


    So where is Sin going after Hindenburg closes?

    Sin City’s roots and history run very deep in this city, and we always are able to find us another quality venue where we can get our freak on in safety in a home that appreciates and welcomes the kink community. But it is true, venues are more scarce in Vancouver than ever, with more demands that need to be met, and it is certainly possible that moving forward, we may be entering into a time when events may not be able to happen on as regular a schedule as we have been used to in the past. As opposed to being on the same weekend each month, it may be that events happen on slightly different Saturdays each month, depending on the availability of our preferred venues.

    We will be having more events at The Imperial!

    We absolutely love the staff and the space at The Imperial, and it is where we have all our larger events such as Halloween and Anniversary. We have already locked down several dates in the future for Sin, including our massive Military Fetish Ball in November. However, The Imperial is a LARGE capacity club, and is not as suitable for our more regular or mid size events.

    We will be having more events at The Waldorf!

    There are less and less venues in Vancouver which allow for multi-room parties, which we consider essential to the vibe of kink parties, where different options and vibes can be offered within one event. The Waldorf is one of the most unique and best venues left in the city with this flavour. We are already making plans with the Waldorf to increase the kink options at future events even further!

    There may be one-offs in new spaces!

    We love bringing our kink community into new playspaces, and will be actively looking for new venues which can be a more permanent home, where we can return to a more regular monthly Saturday schedule.

    We should have a list of upcoming events, themes, dates and venues in the next short while, taking us right through to Valentine’s.

    Thank YOU for supporting the Vancouver kink community simply by showing up and being part of the events!

    Each and every person who comes out to Sin, and all the events in our local community, are a part of what makes the events so special to so many people!

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  • Reminder : Costumes that are not fetish or kink themed will not pass dress code!

    It’s the last week before Halloween, when people are going crazy putting together outfits and costumes and we’d like to remind you of some details for Sin City Fetish Halloween!

    Just being in a costume DOES NOT AUTOMATICALLY EQUAL being in fetish attire!

    Costumes that are non-kinky in any way will not pass the fetish dress code.

    Sin City Fetish Halloween is absolutely a Halloween party, but it is a FETISH FIRST Halloween party with a FETISH dress code. This is one of the most important things that makes it unique! Other events may lapse their dress code for their theme events … this is not the case with Sin City! ALL Sin City Fetish Night events enforce the fetish dress code, without exception, regardless of theme.

    Click here for the full details!

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  • FETISH NYE – A Note From The Producer

    The Sin City team has been at our multi-room gallery space for over a week, with a huge crew spending many, many hours transforming it from blank white walls with no power, sound or lighting, into a kink playground where our big extended community can come together and celebrate the dawn of a new year in style. It’s funny, in almost every social scene, the two biggest parties of the year are, without question, Halloween and New Year’s. Yet, when we first started Sin City way back in 2001, New Year’s just didn’t seem to be a big thing in the local Vancouver fetish community. There were always parties, but not big like HALLOWEEN big. Of course there were many awesome smaller events, but no larger scale events, and no widespread level of excitement like everyone always has for Halloween, like you typically would find in other cities with established scenes and communities. We aimed to change all that, continually upping the ante every New Year’s Eve, providing quality events with many varieties of vibes within, with something for everyone, while always keeping the cover affordable so everyone could easily attend without breaking the bank. We’ve been providing a community gathering space and big fetish event for NYE for well over a decade now, and we can definitely say that THIS is the year where Fetish New Year’s has officially reached equal status with Halloween for community participation and excitement! There are SO MANY people, communities and groups which have helped build this event into a juggernaut of kink socializing, playing and partying … we can’t wait to let you in to the playground we have built just for you, for one epic night only!

    There’s a huge entryway room where you can get off the street quickly and into the warmth of the building. Large coat check. Head upstairs to the main party where you can grab a drink from one of two bars installed specifically for this event. Head into the darker ‘red room’ for underground house & techno with a seriously sexy atmosphere. Or socialize in the main gallery space, well lit for people watching, with many local fetish artists and photographers work on display at an installation for this night only. Head into the photo booth and get some photos, or make your way into the sound dampened chill room. There’s a two-part dungeon play room with spanking benches, rope & suspension play area, and some specially crafted little naughty nooks. The main dance floor features an ice décor installation, festival sized sound system & DJs, laser & lights installation, and of course …. Visuals tied in through all the main areas of the party for a simultaneous midnight countdown. The complimentary champagne for the toast starts pouring at 11 PM – make sure and hang on to the ticket you get upon entry, which you will need to claim your bubbly!

    All of this would not be remotely possible without the help of our huge team of volunteers, and our own Sin City crew, who put in many, MANY hours into this event. There’s a full wrap up thank you coming in a few days and the list of people who put their heart, blood and tears into getting this all together is LONG! I cannot more emphatically say THANK YOU to everyone who has helped make this event a reality!

    We can’t wait to see you at Sin City NYE! Just a few hours now until the party!!


    Isaac T & the Sin City / Restricted Entertainment Team

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  • FETISH NYE – Venue, Ticket & Arrival Details

    Keep reading for all the answers to the most common questions people might have about Sin City’s Fetish NYE Masquerade. A reminder that entry is conditional on compliance with the fetish dress code. All outfits must be sexy / fetish / risqué / pervy in some way! No effort = no entry, no exceptions. No refunds for non-adequate outfits which do not pass dress code! Please note that having an advance ticket does -not- guarantee entry without compliance to the dress code.


    Sin City Fetish NYE this year is held in a private art gallery space at 560 Seymour St., ABOVE Club 560, on the second floor of the same building. Though it shares the same address, this is NOT the same event as ‘Cirque NYE’ which is happening at Club 560, it is completely separate. There is a separate door and entrance just to the right of the main Club 560 entrance, which leads in and upstairs to Sin City’s NYE Fetish Masquerade!


    There are a VERY limited number of tickets available at the door, first come, first serve, available when the doors open at 9 PM. Alternatively, we also offer a late night party-hopper discounted entry. Doors open again for at-the-door ticket sales at 12:30 AM, for the discounted price of just $15!


    It does help speed things up a bit if you can bring a printout of your confirmation email from your ticket purchase, but we have a listing of all online ticket purchases at the door. All you need to claim your tickets at the door are your ID and the credit card which matches the purchase.


    You can log in to the Eventbrite website using the email you used to purchase the ticket, and edit all the details of your ticket order, including the customer name. In this manner you can transfer your online ticket to a third party if your plans have changed and you wish to pass your ticket along to another person.


    This is a SOLD OUT event, which means every person arriving has a ticket, just like you, and it is first come, first serve, for entry at the door. We HIGHLY recommend showing up early to avoid line waits! Many people come down to the area early and have dinner nearby – there are LOTS of places near our downtown venue location – and then head into the venue right at doors opening at 9 PM. If you wish to arrive at ‘peak time’ between 10-11 PM, be prepared for waits to get in, as several hundred people will be arriving at the exact same time and people can only get through the entry and coat check so fast. Once again, we cannot stress enough that the earlier you can arrive, the better. You will not want to miss a second of this party, and it will be in full swing almost immediately!


    Absolutely no street wear, casual wear or plain work clothes! Plain jeans, cargo pants, t-shirts and suits are not permitted. Lower genital nudity is not permitted. Suggested attire includes: vinyl, leather, PVC, tuxedo, full uniform, fantasy or period costume, armour, cross-dress, rubber, bondage, body paint, kilt, fancy ingerie, or any risque costume your kinky little mind can dream up … and please … not “just underwear!” No effort = no entry!


    • glitz
    • glamour
    • upscale
    • Vegas
    • feathers
    • tuxedo
    • tailcoat
    • top hats
    • carnival
    • freakshow
    • ribbons
    • masquerade
    • rhinestones
    • showgirls
    • gothic lolita
    • vintage
    • flapper
    • cabaret
    • fancy lingerie
    • boas
    • sequins


    See you soon! It’s almost time to kiss 2016 goodbye at the wildest party in the city!

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    SIN CITY FETISH HALLOWEEN has been sold out of advance tickets for weeks, and excitement is at FEVER levels this year! We’re also getting a ton of questions regarding tickets – here’s a list of answers to the most common ones! ALSO PLEASE NOTE – while Sin City Halloween tickets have sold out, there are still tickets available (at only $15-20!) for our Friday night GLAMOUR TRASH ZOMBIE PROM party! You can find info on that party here!


    No! All advance tickets were sold out as of October 14. This event sells out well in advance EVERY year! But you can still get in by buying tickets at the door! Keep reading for that info!


    You can try the Sin City Facebook Group, Page and event listing. Or the Sin City Fetlife Group. There are always people whose plans change at the last second and may be looking to sell tickets, but there are ALWAYS far more people looking to buy than sell and this is a long shot indeed!


    Sin City Fetish Halloween sells out in about two weeks EVERY year. We are usually more than 3/4 sold out by October 1st! About 50% of the tickets go during the pre-sale period, where they are available exclusively to our Newsletter subscribers. We highly suggest going to the website and signing up for the Newsletter, as this gives you first access to tickets to all our biggest events! (Hot tip – Fetish NYE tickets are coming soon after Halloween, and those will sell out quickly as well!)


    Absolutely! We always keep back a large portion of tickets for sale at the door. Approximately 50+ tickets will go on sale at 9 PM day of the party, strictly first come, first serve, no holds. We actually had some of these tickets go unused last year because people assumed it would be way harder to get in at the door than it actually was – so long as you show up early enough, and are prepared for a bit of a wait if there are any advance ticket holders arriving, since they obviously get priority entry, you should otherwise be good to go!


    Remember that this is a SOLD OUT event and everyone getting there has an advance ticket just like you, so if you show up at ‘peak arrival time’ between 10:15 and midnight, you will be arriving at the same time as literally hundreds of other ticket holders. This may result in a short line wait as everyone is welcomed inside. We have spent months preparing for this event and you will not want to miss a second of it – we highly suggest all patrons think about ARRIVING EARLY! Advance tickets GUARANTEE entry until midnight, after that, it’s front of the line admission!


    Unfortunately we have no way of knowing if 5, 50 or 500 people will be arriving at the door looking for on-the-day tickets, and we also can’t predict if people will be there at 7, 8, 9, or 10 PM. There certainly will be people lining up before doors open to try and get tickets right at 9 PM – how many is anyone’s guess. The best advice we can offer is to make sure and arrive early!


    You will simply need to present your ID and the credit card # you used to purchase the ticket, and it will be issued to you at the door.


    For ticket pick up, if the person picking up the ticket is not the same person who purchased the ticket, they will need to bring a copy of the ticket purchaser’s I.D. and credit card. Note that this is the same information the original ticket purchaser would have had to provide to pick up the ticket as well, there is no difference there. The original ticket purchaser can just send a photo of these two pieces of ID and a text or email stating they authorize the third party to pick up their tickets, and we can release them to them at the door.


    Drop an email to : pandemonium@netrover.com

    I do my best to get a personal reply out to everyone who writes in, but please bear in mind that inquiries which come in the final 48 hours before the event may not be able to get a reply since everyone involved with the event is out driving trucks, picking up equipment & decorations, and working their tails off for some very long hours making the magic happen!



    Isaac T (Producer)

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  • Fetish Cruise CANCELLED

    2016 Cruise Cancelled EVENT_630

    It breaks our heart to announce this once again, but with great regret we announce that this Saturday’s Sin City Fetish Cruise is CANCELLED.

    Though people had been clamouring for us to run another cruise, it would appear the double whammy of back to back Vancouver Fetish Weekend and Vancouver Pride broke most people and they aren’t ready for another big ticket event JUST yet! Though we kept our ticket price for the cruise as low as possible – $45, as opposed to the $60+ that most cruises charge on that vessel – advance ticket sales lower than required to float the party.

    But never fear, there’s a replacement party already lined up for this Saturday. Sin City returns to Club 8×6 for our Sexy Summer Fetish Play Party, where you KNOW it’s gonna get dirty, in the most fun and best way possible!


    Refunds for all online purchases of cruise tickets will happen Monday / Tuesday. Though our ticket vendor will have everyone refunded in the next 48 hours, it sometimes takes people credit card companies a few further days to process it on their end before you see it appear on your balance, but everyone should get their refunds fairly quickly.


    For anyone looking to get their kinky cruise fix, we highly recommend you check out our good friends over at PLUR’s Ocean Of Opulence Cruise Party later in the month, on Saturday August 27. It is a slightly higher ticket price, and has no dress code, but being a PLUR party, you know there will be lots of awesome people and kinky fun to be had.

    RSVP & info on that party here : https://www.facebook.com/events/1624909787837187/

    2016 Tiki Tease Poster SMALL

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  • “My First Fetish Party And Five Reasons Why You Should Go Too”


    “My First Fetish Party And Five Reasons Why You Should Go Too”

    by Amy Meraki


    Check out this absolutely lovely article written by an attendee after coming to Sin City Fetish Night for the first time at the recent Wild Kingdom party at The Imperial. It’s extremely well written, touches on some very important points that people curious about the fetish scene might have, and on a personal note, really warms my heart, since clearly the author felt the vibe which we’ve worked so hard to create at our fetish play spaces at Sin for over 15 years now.

    Here’s a hint – her five reasons why she connected with the event are these, which she elaborates on beautifully :


    Thank you for the review, Amy Meraki!

    I highly encourage everyone to read this article, and share it for friends to see!

    ~ Isaac T

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    New Year’s Eve is one of the most special moments of the entire year – and you want to make sure you spend it somewhere absolutely amazing! You want to be somewhere that has truly gone above and beyond to provide you with a spectacular evening of memories which you will remember for years to come. Every event in the city pays a king’s ransom to be at their host venue for the night, as it is the most sought after evening of the entire year no matter where you go, but Sin City doesn’t stop there and takes things up another DOZEN notches at least! Because let’s face it, you want more than the same party you can get on any ol’ weekend of the year – you want to be at a New Year’s Eve party that is MAGIC!


    Full Event Listings :

    – Full information for the NYE Fetish Ball can be found here
    – you can RSVP for the event on Facebook here
    – or on Fetlife here

    High Spirits – High Energy – High Glamour – Intimate – Incredible –

    Here are the top 12 reasons you’ll want to be at Sin City’s NYE Fetish Ball at midnight to ring in 2016!

    1. Historic Kink Scene Venue


    The Hindenburg, previously Club 23 West, has been Sin City’s home base since 2001, and has been a cornerstone crossroads of the kink scene for over a decade and a half. No matter what your preferred, this venue has it all : an electric everyone-together main room, as well as multiple secondary dancefloors, dungeon play areas, and nooks & crannies where people can explore and roam around. The Hindenburg is centrally located downtown in the historic Gastown area while still being safely away from the dreaded Granville Strip. The venue is just the right size to hold even our biggest events. Two dancefloors with fantastic sound systems, a dedicated dungeon room, visuals screens throughout the club, all of which we put to good use. The pervy party is ALWAYS going off at the Hindenburg every time Sin City takes it over!

    2. Strict Fetish Dress Code – consistent with every Sin event!

    Plain jeans? Plain suits? Track suits? Plain cocktail dresses? None of these will pass at Sin City. All outfits must be styled kinky / fetish / sexy or they will not be permitted entry, no exceptions. Our fetish dress code has been the same since Day One of our first event in May 2001 and does not change from one event to the next. The effort made by every attendee is part of what makes the party incredible! Glamour crossed with kink equals naughty one of a kind memories! All too many fetish events advertise a strict dress code but do not enforce it, and either relax or drop it entirely for themed events or holidays. Sin City is not one of those events, and is stricter than other events in this regard. You can check out Sin City’s full dress code here!

    3. Main Room Dungeon Play Area – Suspension & Rope Play Kink Corral Hosted by Zorklunn & Rascal

    Sin City was the first fetish club event in Vancouver to really up the ante and focus on BOTH offering a high energy dancefloor as well as offering a full-on monitored play area and dungeon setup in the same venue. At the time, most fetish nights had the music more as an afterthought, or typically offered a single piece of unmonitored play gear, if at all. It’s very common at fetish nights to have to decide between a fun place to play or a fun place to dance – few events offer a solid focus on both. We aim to make sure you have an amazing time no matter what your pleasure, with high quality play & dance areas to suit every taste! Watch as a voyeur from the ample viewing space around the dungeon, or step in with a play partner and indulge in a kinky scene yourself, all the while respectfully watched over from a distance by the Vancouver Dungeon Monitor Team, to ensure maximum safety. Play on one of the many spanking benches we commissioned from Black & Blue Dungeon Equipment, or get tied up in the Kink Corral, hosted by scene legends Rascal & Zorklunn.

    4. DJs Pandemonium, R-Lex, Evilyn13 & Kasey Riot – Vancouver’s #1 fetish scene party starter DJ crew!


    The music at Sin City is both eclectic and electric – our DJ crew is one of the mightiest around and the vibe on the Sin City dancefloor is always over the top. There are many aspects to fetish nights which make them as fun as they are, but the soundtrack to the whole thing comes from the dancefloor. On the main floor you’ll find hand picked favourites from the alternative, industrial and new wave scene keep things zany and dirty, a select few tastefully selected morsels from the top 40 and pop scenes keep things accessible, left field zingers from the worlds of rock, electro-swing and hip hop and who-knows-where keep things fresh, with the whole mix rolled up in a heavy layer of flat-out electro and club classics. Meanwhile there is a full-on second downstairs dancefloor known as De:Basement, where it’s nothing but big fat underground house & techno jams all night long. Our goal is nothing less than a seething mass of blissfully beaming, bump and grinding fetish freakouts on the dancefloor! Sin City head DJ Pandemonium has been listed in the top 3 DJs in Vancouver no less than three times over the years, and was even named best local Vancouver DJ in the Westender Best Of The City, something unheard of for any other DJ from the alternative scene!

    5. Full Club Decor Installation – Ice Palace Theme

    Sin City goes the extra mile to make sure the night will be one of a kind! We deck out the entire club with a full ICE PALACE decor installation from top to bottom, complete with glowing ice chandeliers, a cascading icicle cieling, and tons more goodies to elevate the sensory overload of the evening!

    6. Glitz & Glamour Complimentary Photo Booth

    There are NO PHOTOS ALLOWED anywhere at the party, to ensure everyone can go as risque with their outfits as they wish, but of course many people will want a photo keepsake from the evening, or to show off and be included in our official event photo gallery from the night! We provide a pro photographer host, and a fully decorated photo booth area, complete with vintage furniture & pro movie industry decor to make sure your photo memories are as special and unique as you are!

    7. Loads of extras, yet still only $25!

    Many events charge an arm and a leg for tickets, and charge extra at the door! At Sin City, we’ve kept our New Year’s Eve tickets capped at $25 flat, and even have a discounted party hopper door ticket for attendees who choose to arrive later in the night past 12:30 AM!

    8. Sexy Stage shows by aerial hoop, burlesque & drag queens VALYNNE VILE, KORRA, FRANKIE FAUX and AUDREY HIPTURN!


    We have not one, not two, but FOUR stars from the kinky drag, burlesque and circus world of Vancouver to tempt, tantalize and tease! Don’t be late because the shows start at 10 PM sharp!

    9. Ultra Kinky Visuals w/ Epic New Year’s Countdown Moment

    The Hindenburg is a visually immersive environment, which we take full advantage of, with a custom visuals rig where we surround you with over the top kinky visual content designed to turn the kink level up to BOIL, and a fully customized epic New Year’s Eve midnight countdown moment!

    10. Complimentary Midnight Champagne Toast

    Shortly before midnight, the complimentary champagne starts flowing. Your ticket includes your free midnight champagne toast!

    11. Lord & Lady Sin 2016 Announced!


    This will be the third year of this NEW tradition at the Sin City New Year’s Eve Ball – we will be announcing our Lord & Lady Sin for the upcoming year. The recipients will be 100% arbitrarily chosen by Sin City staff from two people who are in attendance at the NYE Fetish Ball. Our decision will be based on a combination of consideration of the best outfits of the night, attendance throughout the year and personal positive energy & representation at the night. If you consider yourself a regular who is both outgoing and naughty, make sure you are at the NYE Fetish Ball – you just might be selected for a year’s worth of free entry to EVERY Sin City and Vancouver Fetish Weekend event!

    The Lord & Lady Sin of 2016 will enjoy complimentary VIP entrance to every event of the entire year!

    12. Cage & stage dancing where YOU are the star!

    Many years ago we had, at great expense, a pair of custom made dance cages built which instantly became the most sought after spaces on the dancefloor, where it’s common to see the absolutely dirtiest action going on. We also invite everyone on to the stage for front-of-the-house dancing where we showcase the stars of the night – YOU, our fabulous Sinners!

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    We’re very sad to announce that the upcoming Fetish Cruise next Saturday regrettably has been CANCELLED!

    We’ve had this event booked and planned since before January, so this news disappoints no one more than us! Read on for the background story, refund details, and the updated replacement event for the night, where the after party becomes the main party – SIN CITY + PLUR at Club 8×6!

    That party is ALREADY past 2/3 sold out in advance so you know it’s going to be crazy! You can RSVP for that event here :



    Here’s the news in a nutshell – for whatever reason, the Liquor Board and VPD took a sudden and extreme interest in this event, contacted the Cruise line owner, and informed them that they could not proceed with the event as planned. They would be willing to let us proceed if we removed the fetish elements of the event, but even so, would still be showing up during boarding, and again at sea, to make sure we were following their requirements. Furthermore they informed the cruise line owner that if they found any issue with the event they might exercise the option to pull their license. Though the Cruise operators went to bat for us through several meetings, the LLB and VPD remained firm in their rulings. We’ve had very good relations with both the Liquor Board and the VPD for the entirety of Sin City’s 14-year run and absolutely want to avoid unneccessary friction, we certainly don’t want anyone to risk their business license, and most of all, we absolutely have no interest in putting our attendees through being boarded at sea and scrutinized. So, we made the difficult decision to cancel the Cruise.


    Fear not, next year we’re expanding to two summer fetish cruises. As always, stay connected with Sin City via our Newsletter for advance news 😉


    All online tickets purchased for the Cruise will be refunded automatically on Tuesday after the long weekend. All hard copy tickets purchased at Deadly Couture can be refunded either at Deadly Couture, or at the door of the Tiki Tease party at Club 8×6.

    For those who purchased combo tickets online to the Cruise + Afterparty, the Cruise portion of your ticket will be refunded online, whereas your advance ticket for the party at Club 8×6 will be kept for you, to be redeemed at the door of the event. Note that these are the ONLY advance tickets which will be released for the party at 8×6, no other advance tickets will be available! All remaining tickets are first come, first serve at the door! We anticipate being PACKED by 10 PM!


    What was planned as the afterparty now becomes the main party, and we couldn’t be more excited!

    SIN CITY FETISH NIGHT and PLUR PRODUCTIONS join forces to bring you an unprecedented night of fetish socializing and kink play, with all the strengths of both nights joined together!

    Strict Fetish Dress Code and electric atmosphere full of sexy sparks and excitement courtesy of Sin City, fully legal sex on premises party atmosphere and play areas courtesy of PLUR. Loads of extra goodies for the dancefloor, sound system, play area, photo booth, decor and more in store!

    CAPACITY is limited so we highly encourage people to show up early. The party is already 2/3 sold out in advance and no further advance tickets are available. All remaining spots are strictly first come, first serve!


    If you’re looking for another sex on premises crazy-ass party later this month, don’t forget SPANK‘s one-year anniversary is coming up on Saturday Sept 26 at the Vancouver Art & Leisure Center! Details on that party here :



    – Club 8×6, 1775 Haro St, 9PM-3AM+

    – Co-presented by PLUR Productions & Sin City Fetish Night


    What can you expect?

    • The very FIRST thing before you walk in the club are a few cupids that will go over the TOP TEN RULES OF CONSENT with each and every guest. Please take the time to understand these rules and then you will be given a *PLUR stamp of CONSENT upon entering the lower part of the club.

    • PLUR’s own CUPIDS that help get you matched with others and participating at whatever level you desire! Cupids wear little wings on their backs and a blue LED lanyard with the words “Cupid” on it. Expect them to come and talk to you.

    • To aid the Cupids, guests are encouraged to complete a play card that will help us match you to other guests.

    • 2 Lounge areas to mingle with others and survey your opportunities to meet and consensual play.

    • DJ’s Hayden Wood – Tashi – Dj Pandemoniumm – DJ R-Lex

    • Plenty of intimate play spaces for most types of playing from simply grinding to full sex if you so choose.

    -3 Private rooms and 2 semi-Private rooms
    -Male/Female Glory Holes
    -Front and center Play Mattress
    -2 Additional Play Mattresses
    -Intimate Cuddle and After Care Mattress

    • Free onsite government STI clinic.

    • Quality Dungeon furniture and 2 hard points for riggers
    -Riggers MUST be approved before any scene.

    • Super chill / love making area with plenty of mattresses to enjoy a new friend or reacquaint yourself with others.

    • Larger expanded coat check with NEW change area.

    • (DM’s) Dungeon Monitors to ensure everyone’s safety and boundaries are maintained. Dungeon Monitors are identifiable.

    • (PM’s) Play Monitors to over see sexual activities and ensure everyone is playing safe and cleaning up after themselves. They will report and support the DMC

    • Professional warm sensual lighting though out Club

    • Tiki Bar and Snack Bar

    New to sex positive play parties?

    No problem! Our cupids and organizers are on hand to assist in negotiations, particularly for people who are newer or less experienced in Safe, Sane & Consensual negotiations. There is NO pressure or obligation to participate in any way.

    Consent is ABSOLUTELY required between all participants in any play and just because a Cupid makes an introduction, it does not require either participant to play with that person. No obligations. People are also encouraged to make their own introductions as they see fit; that’s why you will be wearing your play card after all!

    RACK (Risk Aware Consensual Kink) will be in full effect, and we reserve the right to refuse entry or remove anyone causing trouble or disrespecting fellow guests.

    IMPORTANT: Please limit your use of any one play space or piece of dungeon furniture to a maximum of 45 MINUTES to ensure everyone has a chance to play. Sharing is caring.

    Check out PLUR’s FAQ’s here:


    Any further questions? Feel free to message us, we’re here to help!

    Isaac T AKA DJ Pandemonium – pandemonium@netrover.com

    Scotty Cruz AKA ScottyHotty (FetLife)

    Restricted Entertainment & PLUR|productions

    http://www.sincityfetishnight.com/http://www.plurproductions.ca/ – Peace•Love•Unity•Respect

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  • Wild Kingdom | Photo Booth (243 Photos)


    Puppies. Ponies. Bears. Kittens. Hooved beasts. Horned beasts. PERVERTED ANIMALS OF EVERY STRIPE AND COLOUR flock to the annual Wild Kingdom party at Sin City. Even though there’s no cameras allowed at all the other corners of the party where some serious kink is going on, there’s one area where all the exhibitionists are more than happy to invade and show themselves off, and that’s the infamous Sin City Fetish Glamour Photo Booth!

    Check out all 243 photos here! …

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