• 125 Photos From The 2017 Wild Kingdom Fetish Ball


    It took almost a year to arrive, but we are absolutely thrilled with this ferocious gallery from the 2017 Wild Kingdom Fetish Ball at the Odyssey! Amazing and creative outfits? Scandalous shower go go boys & girls? Sexy kinksters of every type glowing with happiness at being able to play in a sexually expressive, inspiring, welcoming and respectful environment? Check, check and CHECK! This party has it all! If we weren’t excited for the 2018 party Saturday night on August 18th, we sure are now!

    Check out all 125 photos!

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  • 332 Photos From Sin City’s 17 Year Anniversary Fetish Ball


    We’ve been having our Anniversary party every year for quite some time now at the fabulous Imperial Cabaret in downtown Vancouver, and we’re always thrilled to return – there are many reasons why it is our #1 favourite venue for our bigger events! This year’s anniversary celebrations were even bigger than usual, with a huge crowd of fun-loving Sinners in attendance decked out in incredible kinky outfits, an amazing aerial chain performance from special guest performer Cervena Fox, exotic pole dance shows by Kosmic Kitty, Ella Hotwheels, Matt The Human, and much more!

    Check out all 332 photos!

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  • 113 Photos From Sin City Fetish Night (March 2018)


    Once again we are over the moon at this incredible gallery of photos of our beautiful Sinner attendees, highlighting the wonderful cross section of pervy people who call Sin City a second home. This gallery also especially highlights our incredible venue at The Odyssey, the newly located and expanded kink play area, the energy of the dancefloor, the rope bondage performances on the main stage, and our hot as hell shower go go dancers Vieanna, Caelyx & Mr. James. We’re just gonna go on record and say that the duo performance at the end of the night might just go down as the hottest shower show to date at Sin, and that’s saying a LOT! Sploosh!

    Check out all 113 photos!

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  • 133 Photos From Fetish Valentine’s


    Words cannot express how absolutely thrilled we are to be back at the fabulous Odyssey Nightclub as our home venue for Sin City! Check out this gallery from our Grand Re-Opening party. You could definitely feel the Valentine’s love coursing through the crowd!

    Check out all 133 photos!

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  • Military Fetish Ball (230 Photos)


    The Military Fetish Ball is Sin City’s longest-running theme party! For our 2017 edition, we partnered up with the Vancouver Art & Leisure Center, hosting the event at their legendary pop-up warehouse venue simply called The Villa. Take a moment and check out this gallery of red hot men and women in their military inspired fetish looks!

    Check out all 230 photos!

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  • Fetish NYE 2018 (Gallery 1)


    A huge thank you to everyone who came out for what was likely the very last NYE celebration Sin City will spend at our old location at The Hindenburg AKA Club 23 West, as starting in February, we move back full time to The Odyssey. The building that houses The Hindenburg has been purchased by a development company and is slated for demolition and redevelopment this year!

    Everyone looked absolutely FABULOUS and there was a wonderful vibe in the air – high energy yet intimate at the same time. We can’t thank everyone from our big extended kink family out there for choosing to spend their NYE moments with us – we had many people who drove and flew in from out of town just for the event! A HUGE thank you to our photographers for capturing the many magic moments from the night!

    Check out all 114 photos!

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  • Fetish Halloween (Photo Booth) – 302 Photos


    Check out this gallery from the photo booth from the event, hosted by Rene Blais Photography!

    Fetish Halloween is always one of our biggest Sin City events of the year, with 500+ people invading the gorgeous Imperial Cabaret. We love the range of kinky creativity shown in this gallery, and that our extended Sin City community is made up of all body shapes & sizes, all ages (well, 19+), and all sexual and gender identities and preferences.

    The costumes and outfits were INCREDIBLE this year! Thank you to everyone for going all out and bringing your wonderful energy to the party!

    Check out all 1302 photos!

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  • 102 Photos From Sin City’s Scarlet Harlots Fetish Ball


    All shapes. All sizes. All ages, 19+ and up. Straight, LGBTQ+ and everything in the wonderful kaleidoscope between. Sin City loves everyone and is a home where everyone can feel beautiful in their own skin!

    Check out all 102 photos!

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  • 16 Year Anniversary (Photo Booth) – 197 Photos


    All shapes. All sizes. All ages, 19+ and up. Straight, GLBTQ+ and everything in the wonderful kaleidoscope between. Sin City loves everyone and is a home where everyone can feel beautiful in their own skin!


    Established in May 2001, Sin City is Vancouver’s longest-running, ground-breaking, bar-raising, award-winning, and most prolific fetish night! On the eve of our sixteenth birthday, we celebrated with 400+ local and international attendees and performers, including our very special guest from the other side of the country, none other than MIMI CHERRY!

    Check out all 197 photos!

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  • Sin City – Club 23 West Reunion Fetish Party (105 Photos)



    A huge thank you to our photo booth host for the night, Atratus from Gothic BC for this phenomenal gallery which beautifully highlights the spirit of all our Sin City events!

    Once a year we hold a special party where everyone returns to our very first home, Club 23 West, now called The Hindenburg. She’s a little rough around the edges for hosting a fetish event these days and it takes a lot to gear the venue up for a fetish event, but the party there is always amazing, and it always brings back a flood of memories for many long term attendees, and for newcomers, it’s a great chance to see how it all began way back in 2001, almost two decades ago!

    Sin City Fetish Night at its heart is simply a gathering of like-minded kinksters celebrating each others freedom, inner and outer beauty, in a safe, fun and inspiring atmosphere where sexual self-expression is encouraged! This gallery really shows how many friends and different social circles all come together for the night, young and old, every personality, style preference and body type out there, all radiating happiness at being able to drop their ‘muggle world masks’, be free and cut loose for the night.

    Just look at all these sexy people feeling and looking great!

    Browsing tip : once you have opened a photo and are in the gallery image browser, you can use the left and right arrows, or tap the sides of the image, to quickly scroll through a gallery!

    Sin City is proudly presented by Restricted Entertainment, who are also the producers of Vancouver Fetish Weekend, Spank, Madhaus, and many other quality kink and alternative scene community events, for almost 20 years!

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