• 577 Photos From Sin City’s Insane Carnival Fetish Ball


    We have had TONS of requests for the gallery from this event, and for good reason! THIS GALLERY IS AMAZING! The 2015 Sin City Fetish Carnival was absolutely PACKED with colourful, kinky people having the time of their lives! Take five minutes and flip through this set of photos from the night … you’ll find yourself alternately being turned on, laughing, having your eyes pop out of your head from some of the incredible outfits, and loving every second of the fun oozing out of these photos!

    Photos by Deadly Photography. Set design by Isaac T AKA DJ Pandemonium.

    Check out all 577 photos here! …

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  • 272 Roving Photos From Sin City’s Corset Fetish Ball


    This just might be the most glamourous photo set from Sin City EVER! Not only does it feature our ultra sexy crowd of Sinners throwing caution and inhibition to the winds and partying it up HARD, it also features the unbelievably stunning models and creations from our main stage fetish fashion show starring Lace Embrace Atelier and Nicole Rose Designs! All photos by our very talented resident photographer Patrick Parenteau. Take a flip through and be inspired by the world-famous corset creations and beautiful bejewelled menagerie of kinky creatures!

    Check out the full gallery here …

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  • 512 Photos From Sin City’s Fetish Corset Ball (Part 1)


    Check out all 512 photos from the glamour photo booth at Sin City’s annual LA FETE CORSETE – chock full of sexy Sinners partying it up, with many, many, MANY corset-inspired creations and amazing outfits, including all the models from the incredible fetish fashion show that night with Lace Embrace Atelier and Nicole Rose Designs!
    Check out the full gallery here …

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  • Feb 14, 2015 – Fetish Valentine’s (142 Roving Photos)


    Sin City resident photographer Patrick Parenteau infiltrated virtually every corner, nook and cranny of the absolutely slammed and sexy 2015 Sin City Valentine’s Fetish Ball, capturing an unbelievable amount of perfect snapshots of the party in action. This gallery really gives a true sense of what it’s actually like to be at a Sin City fetish party – the kinky energy is positively jumping out of these photos. From moments backstage with Sin City staff, to snapshots of the stage shows, to the Kink Corral and Dungeon play areas and the on stage play & performance area … every single possible party zone at Sin is represented here. Browse and enjoy!

    Click here to see all 142 photos!

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  • Feb 14, 2015 – Fetish Valentine’s Photo Booth (470 Photos)


    Valentine’s is ALWAYS one of Sin City’s biggest parties of the year, but the 2015 Fetish Ball took things to a while other level. Within one hour of opening, every single nook and cranny of the entire venue was filled with an absolutely INCREDIBLE crowd, and the energy pulsing through the party was absolutely electric. The Dungeon, Kink Corral, and on stage play area were all packed all night with super hot scenes, and the our giant fluffy pink heart in the photo booth was a huge hit. Many thanks to Damien & Wendy from Deadly Photography for hosting the photo booth all night!

    If you’d like a high-res or printed copy of any of the photos, drop Damien a message on Facebook here!

    Note – the gallery is quite large, so it may take a little while to load once you click on one of the thumbnail images! Be patient, it’s worth it!

    Click here to check out all 470 photos!

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  • Sin City At The 2015 Taboo Naughty But Nice Sex Show (126 Photos)


    Check out all 126 Photos!

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  • Jan 10, 2015 – Photo Booth Madness (176 Photos)


    Our first party of 2015 featured all the things you would expect from a Sin party : a wonderful mixed straight / GLBTQ / cross-dresser crowd, a great, relaxed, friendly vibe, with everyone in attendance feeling pervy and playful, both in the photo booth, on the dancefloor, in the dungeon and kink play areas, and everywhere around the club! There were some new additions as well, most especially a newly installed heavy duty high rigging suspension point right above the center of the main stage, and an absolutely captivating main stage performance from guest shibari rope master Hajime Kinoko from Tokyo, Japan, along with the lovely Lydia DeThrill.

    We love ALL the photo galleries from every event featuring our lovely Sinner attendees, but every now and then one really stands out which captures the spirit and energy of the party especially well, and truly showcases the diverse mix of wonderful people whose energy and presence make our fetish gatherings as fantastic as they are. This gallery is one of them. Read on and enjoy the photos!

    Check out all 176 sexy photos!

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  • Jan 10 – Sin City Girls Will Make You See Red! (30 Photos)


    Our roving photographer has a knack for finding out-of-the-way spots at the club and shooting unconventional and AMAZING private shots with Sin City attendees. At this particular party on January 10th, the girls had him seeing red …. click through to see all 30 photos from the set! All photos shot by Patrick Parenteau of DVPix International.

    Check out all 30 photos!

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  • Rope Master Hajime Kinoko From Tokyo Performs At Sin City (49 Photos)

    On January 10, 2015, Sin City was honoured to host a performance from world-famous rope master Hajime Kinoko from Tokyo, displaying a style and level of suspension and shibari art not often seen outside of Japan. Click through to browse through our favourite photos from the night and the stunning full gallery, shot by Patrick Parenteau of DVPix International.

    Check out all 49 photos!

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  • 335 Photos From Sin City’s Fetish NYE Ball!

    There’s no better way to end the year and ring in the new one than at Sin City’s Fetish New Year’s Eve Ball. This year was our 10th Anniversary Fetish NYE party, our first one back at 23 West Cordova since returning after the venue closed for two long years, and was a sold out party once again!

    This particular gallery is one of our absolute favourites from the last 12 months, and showcases the diverse and wonderful family of fetish folks who call Sin City their second home. Our extended family is age-inclusive from 20-somethings to 50-somethings, and this entire gallery is just oozing with the joy of the moment. Just check out the smiles on everyone – you can see the sparks flying in every photo!

    Check out all 335 sexy photos!

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