Take 3 minutes and check out the unbelievably hot promo video for Vancouver Fetish Weekend, fast approaching on July 24-25-26! You'll be glad you did! NSFW ... obviously! If YOU want to know more about the biggest fetish event of the year in Vancouver, just follow one of these links ... / /

Vancouver Fetish Weekend 2015 PROMO VIDEO! from Restricted Entertainment on Vimeo.


  • SC_2015_FetPride_FEAT

    August 2 | FETISH PRIDE Party!

    Sin City is proud to have a full-on rolling pervy party float in the Pride Parade this year, where we take pride in being a community that celebrates all forms of healthy sexual expression! Cheer us on earlier in the day, and then come on down for our FETISH PRIDE party at our home venue at the Hindenburg to close out the evening!





Welcome to Sin City, Vancouver's longest-running, award winning, boundary-breaking and always amazing monthly fetish party! Featuring a high-energy dancefloor, kinky dungeon play galore and an electrifying atmosphere, Sin City happens just once every four weeks on the second Saturday of the month at The Hindenburg (previously Club 23 West) in Gastown. Don't miss a single one!


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    Hot! Gallery

    SPANK2 (195 Pervy Party Photos!)

    What happens when you mix an off-the-chain party equally devoted to : electronica music & dancing in all its forms, drag, LGBTQ, straight, fetish, cross-dress and sex-positive kink crowds, and an underground arts space? You get SPANK, the closest thing to partying in Berlin that you will find in Vancouver! Getting you ready for SPANK3 this weekend, here’s all the photos from Spank2 a few months ago! Browse and enjoy this pictorial history of a super fun crowd throwing inhibitions to the wind, letting their sexual expression run wild, and having one hell of a fun dirty ol’ time.

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