Hot! Gallery Sin City At The 2015 Taboo Naughty But Nice Sex Show (126 Photos)


For over a decade now, every year Sin City hosts a booth in the Dungeon area at the Taboo Naughty But Nice Show, a convention for those interested in the kinkier side of life. Taboo features stage shows, loads of vendors selling all sorts of sexy wares, seminars and classes, and tens of thousands of attendees. The Dungeon area where we host our booth along with many other Vancouver kink groups such as Metro Vancouver Kink, Noir and Rascal’s, is one of the few non-profit areas of the convention, and we always put on a HUGE production showcasing our awesome community at Sin City, inviting people to come and join our fetish family. Many many thanks to Evilyn13 and all our volunteer staff who helped stage the production, and who met all newcomers to the Dungeon with the inviting, fun-loving and friendly vibe that Sin City is known for! Feast your eyeballs on these photos from our booth and the Dungeon area in general, shot by Patrick Parenteau. LOTS of hot stuff to check out!

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