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Sin City Fetish Night and PLUR Productions are teaming up to bring you the most exciting full day and evening of sexy partying and play imaginable!

The VIP Fetish Cruise of Vancouver Fetish Weekend has emerged as one of THE single hottest tickets in the entire North American kink scene. Well guess what? We’ve privately chartered a pleasure yacht TWICE AS BIG for a stand alone, Saturday night, 400-person Sin City Fetish Night party AS WELL AS an extreme play party afterwards at Club 8×6, hosted by PLUR Productions. To say this is a game changer is an understatement – this is literally unchartered kink territory. This party is going to blow away anything like it which has happened before!

Make sure to grab the combo pass and secure your spot at the Tiki Tease Extreme Afterparty at Club 8×6 as well! FREE limo shuttle to the after party!

Most Cruises of this size are $45+ – well, with us, you get BOTH the Cruise AND the After party for that ticket price! As well we have a FREE limo shuttle running from the Cruise to take you straight to the afterparty!

Please note – Both the Cruise and the Afterparty have a fetish dress code! All outfits must be kinky / sexy / pervy in some way! No exceptions!

A full listing of the fetish dress code be found here.


– 400 person private yacht, exact details & location released to ticket holders only
– boards 5 PM, sails 6 PM, docks 10 PM, 4-hour cruising time
– boards and returns at the Plaza Of Nations
– 3 levels of partying / 2 floors of DJs & dancing
– DJs Pandemonium, Evilyn13, Kasey Riot & Evilyn13
– complimentary coat check
– dungeon play areas & fetish play furniture throughout
– chill & cuddle area
– fetish dress code enforced, absolutely no plain daywear
– entry conditional upon compliance with the fetish dress code
– all outfits must be kinky / sexy / pervy in some way!
– during boarding and while docked, attire and behaviour must be kept public beach friendly, but ….
– 30 mins into the cruise, full nude & sex play are permitted on premises
– 30 mins before docking, an announcement will be made, and attire and play levels must be returned to public beach friendly levels
– absolutely no photos permitted at any time on the cruise
– staff photographers on site if you want a photo or video taken!
– the cruise is OFF THE GRID. You will not appear in ANY photos or videos without your explict consent and knowledge

The Cruise boards at 5 PM at the Plaza Of Nations, sails at 6 SHARP, and docks at the same location at 10 PM. Sailing time is 4 hours. Exact ship info and boarding location will be emailed to all ticket holders later – for a party this big and this sexy, we are keeping all information as confidential as possible!

Note that a free shuttle will be available upon docking to take you to the afterparty at 8×6!

Didn’t get the password for the tickets in time? Just sign up for the Newsletter, and we’ll email it out to you immediately!



Once arrived at club8x6 you will be graced with the feeling of a tropical island fetish party! Complete with Tiki bar and Hawaiian decor through out the club.

– held at Club 8×6, 1775 Haro St, 10PM-3AM+

– presented by PLUR Productions


What can you expect?

• The very FIRST thing before you walk in the club are a few cupids that will go over the TOP TEN RULES OF CONSENT with each and every guest. Please take the time to understand these rules and then you will be given a *PLUR stamp of CONSENT upon entering the lower part of the club.

• PLUR’s own CUPIDS that help get you matched with others and participating at whatever level you desire! Cupids wear little wings on their backs and a blue LED lanyard with the words “Cupid” on it. Expect them to come and talk to you.

• To aid the Cupids, guests are encouraged to complete a play card that will help us match you to other guests.

• 2 Lounge areas to mingle with others and survey your opportunities to meet and consensual play.

•DJ’s hayden Wood – Tashi – Dj Pandemoniumm – DJ R-Lex

• Plenty of intimate play spaces for most types of playing from simply grinding to full sex if you so choose.

-3 Private rooms and 2 semi-Private rooms
-Male/Female Glory Holes
-Front and center Play Mattress
-2 Additional Play Mattresses
-Intimate Cuddle and After Care Mattress

• Free onsite government STI clinic.

• Quality Dungeon furniture and 2 hard points for riggers
-Riggers MUST be approved before any scene.

• Super chill / love making area with plenty of mattresses to enjoy a new friend or reacquaint yourself with others.

• Larger expanded coat check with NEW change area.

• (DM’s) Dungeon Monitors to ensure everyone’s safety and boundaries are maintained. Dungeon Monitors are identifiable.

• (PM’s) Play Monitors to over see sexual activities and ensure everyone is playing safe and cleaning up after themselves. They will report and support the DMC

• Professional warm sensual lighting though out Club

• Tiki Bar and Snack Bar


New to sex positive play parties?

No problem! Our cupids and organizers are on hand to assist in negotiations, particularly for people who are newer or less experienced in Safe, Sane & Consensual negotiations. There is NO pressure or obligation to participate in any way.

Consent is ABSOLUTELY required between all participants in any play and just because a Cupid makes an introduction, it does not require either participant to play with that person. No obligations. People are also encouraged to make their own introductions as they see fit; that’s why you will be wearing your play card after all!

RACK (Risk Aware Consensual Kink) will be in full effect, and we reserve the right to refuse entry or remove anyone causing trouble or disrespecting fellow guests.

IMPORTANT: Please limit your use of any one play space or piece of dungeon furniture to a maximum of 45 MINUTES to ensure everyone has a chance to play. Sharing is caring.

Any further questions? Feel free to message us, we’re here to help!

Isaac T AKA DJ Pandemonium –

Scotty Cruz AKA ScottyHotty (FetLife)

Restricted Entertainment & PLUR|productions


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