Hot! New regular monthly venue – The Red Room!

A monthly venue is now fully locked down for Sin City Fetish Night!

Sin City is now ongoing at the Red Room on the second Saturday of the month …. PLUS a bonus second Sin City at the end of the month where we invade another venue in the city.

For those who thrive on consistency & regularity, this will be very welcome news! Consider that if we cut back to just staging Sin City once monthly, it would be at the same venue, every time, and we could release our schedule for the entire year at this point. NO other fetish club night has this guarantee at this point as most venues will not commit to an ongoing non-weekly Saturday night, and only do so on an event by event basis – from the perspective of the venue owner, the point of having it open to outside bookings is so that they can take the highest bidder for any given night.

This was one of our many factors when considering alternate venues, since we wanted to be able to guarantee when and where our biggest events would be. COMMITMENT from the venue on an ongoing basis means a lot! Other key factors which led us to the Red Room were LOCATION, CAPACITY, COAT CHECK, AMBIANCE, DANCEFLOOR & HOURS OF OPERATION.

Location – it’s right downtown but in its own unique area with very little pedestrian overlap with other mainstream clubs. It has several parking lots very close by and is literally steps away from Skytrain and a huge amount of bus routes.

Capacity & coat check – we could have pursued a smaller club where it would be sold out & capacity early in the night, guaranteeing lineups outside for attendees, but we’ve worked very hard to eliminate that and wanted to move to a club which could host even our largest events with minimal lineups. At 460 capacity, the layout of the Red Room is such that it is hopping even in the beginning of the night and even 50 people in the room charges things up so that the party gets going. However it can also fit 450+ easily with no lineups due to being at capacity at the door. The only lineups that happen are due to mass amounts of people arriving at the same time at peak hours, and even then, the longest we see lineups lasting are about 15 minutes max as the lineup is always moving and never stops dead. Coat check is one of the largest in the city!

Ambiance – The Red Room has that perfect level of lighting where it’s dark enough to give it that nightclub feel but light enough to easily see all your friends, be social, see what awesome kinky outfits your friends have cooked up, and explore the variety of seating throughout the club. Plus, it’s themed RED – the colour of Sin in general, and one of Sin City’s theme colours since Day One!

Dancefloor – one of our #1 priorities was finding a club where it didn’t matter if you were by yourself on the dancefloor or whether it was smoking packed, it’s still super fun. And the Red Room does just that! Between dancefloor, cage dancing and dancing on the stage with the DJs, the main room dancing options at the Red Room have never been better for Sin City! Our dance cages fit PERFECTLY into the room and are one of the most popular spots in the entire club.

Hours Of Operation – two o’clock is too early to close down a club! The Red Room goes until 3 AM, something that was of utmost importance to our event.

That makes us ongoing on a monthly basis at the same club, guaranteed every month of the year. BUT YOU KNOW WE COULDN’T JUST STOP THERE.

About six years ago Sin City grew to the point where we were maxxing out our venues when we were monthly. We were faced with several options, and since we weren’t interested in just jacking the cover up, we decided to not only expand the club we were in at the time, but also to go to twice monthly. It actually ends up costing us more to produce two events per month rather than just one bigger one, and it’s obviously a TON more work, but providing more options for kinky partying for our community was something we were happy to tackle since it’s been our focus from the beginning and is indeed exactly why we started the night.

So, IN ADDITION to our monthly party at the Red Room on the second Saturday of the month, we’ll ALSO be staging a second party in the month at other venues!

This is the party that may rove around, though it may in the future also settle down to a regular venue as well. Commonly it’ll be at the Electric Owl. Over the next two months we’re also invading two new venues : Blvd22 and Fan Club! NEW VENUES are something that breathe life and excitement into a scene like nothing else and we’re happy to be in a unique position where we’re able to offer both an anchor venue with a guaranteed location every month PLUS a roving kink carnival that breaks down doors into new spaces. All while keeping the cover down to around $10, despite our operating costs having skyrocketed. Our commitment has never wavered to keeping our parties consistent, kinky, and AFFORDABLE.

Generally speaking, our larger holiday and theme parties will be geared towards the Red Room on the second Saturdays of the month, while the second party in the month where we invade other venues will start trending towards ALWAYS being no theme, anything fetish goes!

From here on in, Sin City will be providing guaranteeing one massive themed fetish party EVERY MONTH, as well as one massive NO THEME ANYTHING GOES BACK TO BASICS fetish party, also every month!

Here’s a short list of upcoming events & locations :

Saturday Feb 23 : Sex & Candy at Blvd22
Saturday March 16 : Corset Theme Ball at the Red Room
Saturday March 30 : Sin City invades Fan Club!
Saturday April 13 : Carnival Of Kink at the Red Room
Saturday April 27 : Sin City Fetish Night, venue TBA
Saturday May 11 : Fetish Hospital / Medical Theme Ball at the Red Rom
Saturday May 25 : Sin City Fetish Night, venue TBA
Saturday June 8 : Latex & Rubber Fetish Ball at the Red Room
Saturday June 22 : Sin City Fetish Night, venue TBA
Saturday July 13 : Sin City Fetish Night at the Red Room
Saturday July 27 : Sin City 12 Year Anniversary Sextravaganza, venue TBA

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