Hot! Gallery 401 Photos From Sin City’s Fetish Halloween Ball (Photo Booth)


We always go all out with the photo booth set decor on our massive Fetish Halloween party at Sin City Fetish Night, to match all our wonderful attendees efforts going all out with the super sexy costumes! This year’s theme for the photo booth (and event and venue in general) was Tombs Of The Cursed Pharaohs. The photo booth is always a super hot spot at the party!

All photos by our photo booth host, Michael R. Barrick / Atratus from Gothic BC, and copyright by Restricted Entertainment, Sin City Fetish Night and Gothic BC. You can order a digital or hard copy of photos online, without watermarks, at the gallery here on Gothic BC, by clicking on the desired image and then selecting the ‘buy photo’ option!

Note that you can swipe left or right on your smartphone or tablet, or use the left and right arrow keys on your computer keyboard, for fast scrolling through the gallery once you have clicked on one of the images and are in the pop-up gallery browser window!

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