Hot! March 9 : Group Trip to the “Sex Talk In The City Of Vancouver” Exhibition at the Museum!

Join us in a group outing (of the GOOD kind!) to the Museum of Vancouver’s currently featured “Sex Talk in the City” exhibition, which runs until the beginning of September. It’d be fun if people dressed outdoor / public fetish-friendly for the group outing, but this is of course a fun option and not at all needed. There’s also the possibility of a 5 PM group dinner / meetup afterwards at a local restaurant! Read on for more details :

The exhibition, as described on the MOV website :

“Sex Talk In The City is a multifaceted exhibition that teases out how people in Vancouver learn about sexuality, define pleasure, and respond to particular politics. Sex Talk in the City addresses issues of sexual expression, diversity, politics, and education in a fun, approachable, and thought-provoking manner. Sex isn’t only biological, it’s cultural.”

You can read the MOV’s whole description of the exhibit here on their website.

The show also features a few works by local fetish photographers including our own resident photographer Atratus, aka Michael Barrick, showcasing photos from a variety of marquee Sin City events, as well as Frankie Panky from NOIR.

If you’re planning on coming, let people know!

You can chat with other people who also might be coming over at the Facebook event listing for the group outing here.

We’d also point out that this group outing is not at all limited to Sin City fans only! We’ll likely be joined by a healthy contingent of folks from NOIR Fetish Ball, and the Museum is open to the public in general. Come one, come all!

If you haven’t been to one of the local fetish events before, and have been wanting to break the ice with and meet some people from the fetish scene outside of a nightclub / fetish dress code enforced event, this is the perfect opportunity!

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