Hot! Less than 5 hotel rooms left for the 29th!

There are less than 5 (five!) hotel rooms left at the Waldorf for this Saturday’s crazy 3-room Sin City fetish venue takeover party. The rooms are SUPER cute and fully renovated, and only around $75 to rent. Why spend money on cabs or coat check when you can drive to the venue, park in the parking lot directly next to it, pre-drink with some purchases from the cold beer & wine store in the same hotel/club venue, get ready and just walk downstairs to the party, keep it going by just walking upstairs afterwards (since the 2 AM close always leads to after parties!), and simply drive home after checkout the next morning?

Please note that all guests have to be checked in by 9:30 PM day of the event, so if you are planning on having any guests coming up to your room, you will have to have them register at the hotel desk by that time as well! The Waldorf is quite strict about no-random-last-minute-walk-ins, so be sure to have your entire party registered!

FIRST COME FIRST SERVE! These rooms will likely be completely booked out in the next 48 hours!

Join the kinky venue takeover!

Call or email the Waldorf to book your room at : 604.253.7141 or .

The online booking form can be found here :

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