Hot! Fan Club – A Photo Introduction & Walkthrough!

Serious atmosphere! If you are on the onstage dungeon playing, this will be your view!

We are absolutely THRILLED to be bringing Sin City to one of Vancouver’s most exciting new venues which has just exploded into the forefront of Vancouver’s A-list venues – FAN CLUB on Granville St.

The venue is not only figuratively screaming to be used to host legendary fetish events – it literally is screaming for it! The managers and staff have personally gone out of their way to invite Sin City to be part of the new venue and accommodate all of our conditions and needs which we required to be in place to make sure it would be run appropriately to meet our Sinner’s needs.

Let’s take a visual walkthrough, introducing the venue and highlighting Sin City’s plans to take over the room and transform it into a pervy paradise!


View from the backdoor, which we will be using as the private entrance to the event

View from Seymour St. No need to walk thru the alley, you can walk right up to the club through the parking lot!

This door will be transformed with illuminated truss pillars, a 10×10 tent for the smoking area, and another larger tent to shelter any lineups

But what’s that next to the parking lot?

It’s the Penthouse Nightclub! No need to even remember an address, just tell the cabbie you’re going to the Penthouse!

$8 to park all night directly in front of the club is a steal!

Now let’s start with a walkthrough, exactly in the order you’ll see things when travelling to and entering the venue.

One of the first concerns we had was the fact that the venue is right downtown on Granville St, which has a reputation for being rowdy and might be a bit intimidating for Sinners done up in all kind of revealing garb. Never fear – not only is the venue at the far end of Granville St, past all the mainstream bars, it’s just a block and a half from Davie, and best of all, between venue and us at Sin City, we’ve found a way to use the venue while eliminating the Granville St factor entirely. The Granville side of the club will be blacked out entirely and EXIT ONLY with the ONLY entrance being at the rear door of the venue. This is the view from the back door looking out towards Seymour.

View of what we’ll be using for the front door, from Seymour St! While standing on Seymour Street, here is the rear door of the club, which we’ll be using as the private entrance for Sin City parties at this venue. Note that you can walk straight there from Seymour Street through the parking lot – no need to even step foot in the alley, or on Granville!

Note that this will all look QUITE different when you’re walking up to Sin City! On either side of those yellow stairs will be a fabric-swathed red-lit truss pillar with the words SIN atop them. In that loading bay we’re installing a 10×10 tent, which will be one of two outdoor smoking areas, this one being private!

On the other side of the stairs we’ll be putting up ANOTHER larger tent, this one to shelter any lineups that might happen!

But what’s that right next door to the parking lot?

It’s the Penthouse Strip Club! You don’t even need to remember an address – just tell the cab driver you’re going to the Penthouse, they’ll drop you off right here, and you can walk through the parking lot to the club. And speaking of the parking lot …

This is one of the cheapest parking lots in the city! $8 to park all night until 6 AM is a screaming steal, and the parking lot is utterly safe. There will be Sin and Fan Club staff right next to it all night. Anyone who doesn’t carpool and take advantage of being able to park right in front of the club is crazy!

Added bonus is you can just stash you stuff in your car, eliminating the need to use coat check … and we predict some serious tailgate parties with people ‘fuelling up’ at their vehicles prior to entering the venue!


You’ll enter the club in a hallway, directly by the bathrooms, where you can immediately get changed if need be, or use the bank machine located right here.

Immediately upon entering, you can head straight to the bathrooms to change …

Or use the bank machine …

Or head down the hallway towards the main room!

You’ll walk right past these doors which look into …

The Bourbon Room!

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