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  • Scarlet Harlots 2022 – Photo Gallery

    We’ve been saying for quite some time now, treat every event at our host venue The Imperial as if it could be the last, triply so since once the venue closes, it may be some time before we see another venue rise in the city anywhere close to as perfectly suited for fetish events. The lack of venues in Vancouver is a dire situation and getting worse as venues continue to close and not be replaced – there are very few options to start with, let alone venues available to be booked on a Saturday, and even less which are accessible to be booked for fetish events – and now almost NONE in the 500+ capacity range!

    We didn’t know it at the time, but the Scarlet Harlots party on Sept 17, 2022 ended up being the last party ever at The Imperial, as they made the unexpected announcement in mid-October that they would be closing permanently, effective immediately. For those who don’t know, the entire block has been shuttered for some time, in preparation for a major redevelopment, with The Imperial being the last business open. You can read more about the development plans for the area here.

    It was known that we only a limited amount of months left for events with the venue, but the abrupt closing came much earlier than expected, and caught everyone off guard!

    A HUGE thank you to everyone who came out to the Sin City Scarlet Harlots party, for our last event ever at the Imperial!

    This was a crazy busy night in the city overall with multiple events going on, with many of our regular staff helping out other events that night!

    Huge thanks to Captive Photography for coming in at the last second to host the photo booth!

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    IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT — We have received a notice from Imperial Vancouver, our home venue for many of our upcoming Restricted Entertainment events, that they have made the decision to close indefinitely, effective immediately, and that they will be unable to honour or host all upcoming bookings.

    All ticket sales to all our upcoming events are currently paused and on hold while we search for replacement venues. In the event of new venues being secured, tickets will re-activate.
    Venues are extremely scarce and some events may unfortunately wind up being cancelled as a result of the Imperial’s decision, which is a huge disappointment to everyone to say the least.
    We have been informed by AdmitOne, the Imperial’s ticketing company, that in the event of any cancellations, all previously purchased tickets will be fully refunded automatically. You will not need to write in and request your refund.

    In the event a replacement venue is found, all previously purchased tickets will be automatically transferred over and valid for the new event.
    If you previously bought a ticket to an event, and the new venue or rescheduled date doesn’t work for you, you can absolutely get your ticket refunded.

    Send in refund requests by email to :


    PURR on Saturday October 15 has been moved to the Waldorf.

    Ticket sales have been exceptionally strong for this event and the capacity at the Waldorf is lower than the Imperial, so while we will be able to fit in all existing ticket holders, we may already have hit SOLD OUT status for PURR due to the venue change. We are very excited to release more details about this shortly in a separate announcement!

    PASSION PORTAL, SIN CITY and COFFIN CLUB events on the Halloween weekend are all on hold with ticket sales paused while we attempt to secure replacement venues. This is a very big challenge as we are only a month out from the first Halloween back since venues have fully re-opened, and almost all venues are sure to be already booked.

    If you hear of a 300-500+ capacity venue available October 28/29, please email :


    Please only let us know of any options you may know of that are confirmed as available on those dates, or which are available to be booked for larger scale events.


    MRG, the parent company which operates the Imperial, has cited safety concerns to staff and patrons due to the homeless encampment on the street outside the venue, and incidents of violence in the immediate area, as the reason for their decision to close. They must operate their business on a daily basis and this is their prerogative – all businesses should keep the safety of their patrons in mind, and no employees should be expected to work in unsafe conditions.

    However we must go on record and say that this is not the opinion of us at Restricted Entertainment. We have long had our events in the Gastown and Downtown Eastside area, with nightclub venues overlapping with the local residents. It being a low income area, with a high prevalence of homeless people and open drug use on the street level, is nothing new. This can be visually alarming, and while there have been incidents, assaults and friction in the area, this is also nothing new. Long time attendees of our events may remember a tent encampment outside Club 23 West many years ago which similarly stretched on for a considerable period of time. The Rickshaw has dealt with all these same issues the entirety of their operation, and are busier than ever.

    As we head into colder weather, we sincerely hope that all the people who are living on street level in the city are able to find housing which provides greater physical and mental shelter and support, and we strongly urge the city to help facilitate this in all ways possible.

    Businesses closing down, the city losing even more of it’s already scarce event venues, and people living on the street are all unacceptable. While the social problems resulting in these situations are understandably long-running and complex, they cannot be ignored and should be made an immediate priority.

    In terms of feeling unsafe, we feel that the situation on Granville Street every weekend outside the more mainstream venues frankly makes many of the patrons of our alternative, fetish and LGTBQ+ community even more uncomfortable and feeling threatened.

    These communities have long found homes in venues off the beaten path for exactly this reason, and have always been supportive of attending venues in less affluent neighbourhoods. This exact situation typically results in venues supporting more alternative and emerging forms of art & culture rising up in rougher areas of town.

    We would like to extend a personal thank you to the thousands of people who have supported and attended Restricted Entertainment events over the last 20+ years. Just showing up to the events and walking through the door directly contributes to the continuation and growth of underground culture in Vancouver.


    Isaac Terpstra
    Restricted Entertainment

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    319 Main Street ~ Doors 9 PM

    Join us for a 100% immersive kinky party, full of scandalous socializing, dirty dancing, and pervy playing, all in a renovated movie theater special events space! Proudly presented by Restricted Entertainment.

    Please note this is the one and only LAST full Sin City party before Halloween, and one of only a handful of fetish parties we have left at the Imperial, before the venue gets torn in January and we lose it forever!


    Red is ALSO the colour of passion, love, intensity, adrenaline, fierceness, and sexiness. It’s also a SUPER easy theme to combine with a fetish look! You can do anything from as simple as taking any fetish outfit you like or already own and tying a red ribbon into your hair or on your wrist, or incorporating a red flower into your outfit, all the way through to putting together a full on head to toe red theme outfit!

    Red themed outfits highly encouraged, but not required All fetish outfits of all styles are always welcome at all Sin City parties!

    LGBTQ+ / Straight / Drag / Cross-Dress / Lifestyle / Ages 19-65+ / Newbies / Singles / All Body Types, Gender Identities, Expressions & Sexual Preferences All Most Welcome!



    It’s considered good luck to buy a redhead a drink at this event! As well, all redheads receive front of the line privilege for themselves and their date!



    Lighting up the dancefloor all night with a booty-shaking blend of EDM & house, with dashes of pop, rock, hip hop & industrial!


    As always, Sin maintains a strict no unauthorized cameras policy, preserving the atmosphere of mutual respect and safety! We do have our own in-house photographers who are available for glamour shots, capturing the most fabulous outfits and energy of the party, but only with permission from willing subjects! You can go as crazy and kinky with your outfits as your imagination will let you, because if you want : what happens at Sin City … stays at Sin City!


    Located on the upper mezzanine level, where you can watch the action of the main room party from above, is the kink play area, complete with lots of space to watch and socialize, a variety of padded bondage play furniture options, an xxx-tra long cuddle couch for dozens of people to relax and chill, all hosted by our resident play area monitors and consent captains. Come get your kink on, with a consenting partner, of course!


    And win 5 minutes of delicious torture from one of our dominatrixes! Kink + carnival games = guaranteed fetish fun!


    Absolutely no streetwear or regular daywear! As always, we’re always on the lookout for people to showcase their awesome outfits and ideas, and any fetish outfit as per the dress code will do and will be absolutely appreciated.


    Plain jeans, cargo pants, briefs or boxers, t-shirts, suits or plain work wear. Absolutely no street or casual wear! Lower genital nudity is not permitted.


    Suggested attire includes but is certainly not limited to – vinyl, pvc, leather, rubber, bondage, straps, chaps, full-on goth, punk, cyber, tuxedo, tailcoats / fancy dress, military / full uniform, fantasy or period costume, armour, drag / cross-dress, body paint, fancy lingerie, kilt, or any other risque costume your perverted little mind can dream up …

    Use your imagination to concoct a crazy outfit that highlights the naughty sexpot in you!

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  • Saturday August 20 – Sin City Vs. Coffin Club


    THIS SATURDAY AUGUST 20 / 9pm-2am


    Join us for a pop-up Goth Night Vs. Fetish Night Party, where everyone is welcome, from fully casual wear, to fully head to toe fetish!

    Two levels, three rooms, and loads of freaky fun to be had in a gorgeous renovated movie theater special events venue! Read on for details!

    We’ve had a lot of people asking our crew from RESTRICTED ENTERTAINMENT to do a more old school kink night featuring an alternative music format, hearkening back to when the goth scene and the fetish scene more directly overlapped! Well this is it! We are taking over the mighty IMPERIAL CABARET, and though it’s a last minute pop-up party, you know the Restricted Crew always brings a huge production to every party for maximum vibes!

    There being a short lead-in to this party, please help support your local kink & dark alternative community by inviting friends, and posting a shout out to the event, to help get the word to as many people as possible!

    For those wanting to dance, even if you’re not familiar with the genres, fear not, there will be lots of ultra dance and electronic vibes all night, though a heavier and darker vibe to the music than at most current fetish events in Vancouver!

    LGBTQ2IA+ / Trans / Gay / Straight / Cross-Dress / Drag / All Gender Expressions, Identities & Preferences / All Body Types, Shapes & Sizes / All Age Groups (19-65+) / Hard-Core Regulars / Total Newbies Who Just Want To Dance / ALL WELCOME!

    Short version of the juicy details :

    – no dress code on main level
    – fetish dress code only on balcony level
    – fetish play area upstairs
    – casual wear OK, but dressing up fetish highly encouraged, whether it’s a mild or wild look!
    – no photos inside!
    – huge sound system to push the beat deep into your bones
    – custom built dance cages & dance platforms
    – smoke breathing gargoyle decor
    – kink visuals & black light environments
    – pole dancers & main stage shows!
    – $18 advance / $20 day before 10 PM / $25 after

    DJs :

    – Pandemonium
    – Evilyn13
    – R-Lex
    – Vortex

    Featured Stage Performers :

    – Sara Tonin
    – Kosmic Kitty
    – Lily Chorosive

    More full details for those wanting a little more to sink their teeth into :

    NO DRESS CODE on the main floor and main areas of the party … everyone is welcome to attend in any attire they feel comfortable in, but it is HIGHLY encouraged to dress goth / industrial / fetish / latex / harnesses … at the very least wear lots of black πŸ˜‰

    UPPER LEVEL BALCONY dungeon, kink & play area … fetish dress code required to attend! Spanking and play benches on site along with our dungeon hosts, cuddle couch space galore, and a 100% fetish-only vibe from the mezzanine where you can play, chill, and still watch the action on the main floor and main stage from above. Not sure what counts as fetish dress code? Check out the full writeup of what will and won’t pass at –> http://sincityfetishnight.com/house-rules/fetish-dress-code/

    NO PHOTOS PERMITTED INSIDE … so that everyone feels comfortable dressing as wild as they want!

    ABSOLUTELY NO TOUCHING WITHOUT ASKING … Sin City, Coffin Club, fetish and goth events in general have been proponents of Consent Culture for decades and it is expected etiquette for all guests to be respectful of each other, and at all times taking direct responsibility for helping be part of an environment where people feel free to express themselves through kinky & creative costume, dance and sexy socializing. This means absolutely no touching anyone, ever, without prior consent given.



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  • Vancouver Fetish Weekend 2022 – Official Promo Video

    Vancouver Fetish Weekend 2022 – Official Promo Video from Restricted Entertainment on Vimeo.

    July 21-25, 2022 – Vancouver Fetish Weekend returns! Meet, party, and play with local and global fetish enthusiasts from all over the world as the international community of fetish partiers, performers, models, designers, artists and photographers descend on Vancouver at a truly world-class weekend of unforgettable fun, exotic & erotic events! Book the time off work and start looking at plane tickets, because this is the new DO NOT MISS fetish weekend on the international scene!

    Event Info & Tickets : www.vancouverfetishweekend.com
    RSVP on Facebook at : www.facebook.com/events/312855879853987
    RSVP on Fetlife at : www.fetlife.com/events/687161

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  • 20 Years Of Lust & Love!

    Sin City ~ 20 Years Of Lust & Love from Restricted Entertainment on Vimeo.

    THANK YOU to everyone who has been coming out to Sin City Fetish Night, either as a newer or first time attendee in our kinky party community, or as a long term regular since we started way back in May of 2001! We’ve been going strong ever since with events 1-2 monthly, going to online gatherings during the global pandemic shutdown of 2020/2021, and now back just as strong as ever. There was a very narrow window of opportunity but we were still able to pull together all the strings necessary to be able to gather in person to celebrate our 20 Year Anniversary in November of 2021. The bonds which tie the kink community together are STRONG and when we put our minds to it and come together, nothing can stop us!

    A particularly extra huge thank you to everyone who has signed up to our Newsletter and stayed connected to us that way! Social media is increasingly reliable and notoriously ANTI-kink and has many strikes against it when it comes to supporting creative and healthy sexual self-expression. Now more than ever it is important to make sure you are set up for DIRECT connection with your favourite artists, communities and event organizers, WITHOUT relying on social media!

    Join us at the links below and we look forward to welcoming you at one of the upcoming gatherings!

    Newsletter Sign-Up –> HERE

    Sin City is proudly presented by Restricted Entertainment, Vancouver’s servant to the alternative, kink, cult and counter-culture communities for over two and a half decades!

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    Love rope? We do too!! Looking for rope players for our Saturday May 21 event!

    We are pretty excited to be welcoming back a cornerstone of the Vancouver kink community, RASCAL_21, and his legendary rope play space and frame, front and center in the main social area of the party!

    In order to use the rope play space, you must have a partner, have at least some basic experience, and you must book a spot to use it ahead of time!

    If interested, send an email to : brianvan99@yahoo.com

    Note that we will not otherwise be offering walk-up bondage rides at the party this weekend – if you want to use the rope area, you’ll need to book a spot ahead of time to use it!

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  • Fetish Carnival 2022 – Roving Photo Gallery

    Huge thanks to our roving camera man Frankie Panky, who captured the crazy, kinky and colourful crowd at our Carnival Theme Fetish Ball on April 9, 2022!

    When sharing photos, please remember to @ or # SinCityFetishNight or #RestrictedEntertainment or #FrankiePanky, and give credit back to the hard working event and photographers that helped make these moments possible for everyone to enjoy! If posting as a story, make sure to tag SinCityFetishNight on Instagram, so we can re-share it as well and feature you!

    Check out all 280+ photos!

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  • Fetish Carnival 2022 – Photo Booth Gallery

    Huge thanks to our photo booth host Jonny Ray, who captured the crazy, kinky and colourful crowd at our Carnival Theme Fetish Ball on April 9, 2022!

    When sharing photos, please remember to @ or # SinCityFetishNight or #RestrictedEntertainment or #JonnyRay, and give credit back to the hard working event and photographers that helped make these moments possible for everyone to enjoy!

    Check out all 490+ photos!

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