• Fetish Halloween 2023 – Roving Photos

    A huge HUGE thank you to everyone who attended, helped out, and poured their energy, creativity and excitement this year’s HALLOWEEN BALL at Sin City Fetish Night! It was a kinky & colourful party for the books with a vibe we haven’t felt since before the pandemic, with an energy that was both electric but also casual, as everyone felt comfortable and at home showcasing their wild side in an accepting and celebratory environment! While there is a huge team that works tirelessly behind the scenes to make these events happen, it’s our wonderful attendees who make it all worthwhile, and who make Sin City such a freaky & fun family affair! Plus …. the OUTFITS! Everyone looked SO GOOD!

    Special mentions also go out to :

    All 6 of our DJs who threw down harrrrrd all night – EVILYN13, R-LEX, PANDEMONIUM, CONTRASOMA, CHARLOTTE & DEADHEAD! The morning after the event, we saw soooo many posts from people about how much fun they had, and how that’s the most time they’d spent on the dancefloor in ages!

    MELODY MANGLER and XANAX, our villainous vamp headline performers who utterly SLAYED it with their signature burlesque and drag shows, along with bonus performers SHREDDZ & RAVENOUS RANDY!

    SWITCH KITCHEN & MISTRESS MERCEDES for hosting the BDSM play lounge which was on FIRE with a phenomenally sexy & social vibe all night! We’ve said it before and we’ve said it again, the Hideaway Room at the Waldorf is one of, if not our MOST favourite rooms to set up for kink play. It just suits the vibe SO WELL! We had many comments that this was people’s favourite room for the Dungeon yet!

    MJ & the entire Sin City & Restricted Entertainment Consent Queen Team for keeping the vibe safe, sane and consensual!

    PIKA & the dress code and admissions team for keeping everything running efficiently at the door, and for keeping a friendly, fair and firm control of making sure everyone entering the event is ready to follow the rules, starting with the fetish dress code, which is a huge part of Sin City’s immersive 100% kink environment! It cannot be overstated how important this is to maintaining the vibe!

    Our gorgeous go-gos DADDY LONG LEGZ, BLISS, LYLIA CHOROSIVE & NAOMI, for heating up the stage all night with their killer looks and even more killer moves!

    And of course, FRANKIE PANKY, our intrepid staff photographer, for capturing all these great moments with the many exhibitionists at the event who wanted to show themselves off! To see more of his work, visit his Instagram –> HERE

    When sharing photos, please remember to @ tag or # hashtag SinCityFetishNight on Instagram so we can re-share and highlight any photos you post! Plus, tagging the event gives credit back to the hard working organizers and photographers that helped make these moments possible for everyone to enjoy!

    Pro Tip – once you have clicked on a photo, and are in the pop-up view window, you can use the left and right arrow keys to scroll through the gallery!

    Check out the photos!

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