• Fetish Dress Code

    The fetish dress code is one of the most important parts of Sin City! It guarantees that each and every person is part of the party themselves, and not just an onlooker. It also is a safeguard meaning every attendee has met a minimum level of effort to attend the party, resulting in a highly dynamic, totally safe, ultra fun kinky party atmosphere, with a sea of eye candy and people casting aside their inhibitions and partying like hell!

    No effort = no entry, no exceptions.

    Don’t make us turn you away at the door!

    Highly encouraged attire :

    Acceptable outfits include but are certainly not limited to the following options :

    • vinyl / PVC / rubber / latex
    • leather / straps / chaps
    • bondage
    • full-on fetish-goth / fetish-punk / fetish-cyber
    • fancy tailcoats / full tuxedo
    • FULL fetish military or fetish uniform (not just cargos!)
    • fantasy or period fetish costume
    • furry / sex kitten
    • armour / chain mail
    • drag / cross-dress
    • body paint
    • fancy lingerie
    • any other risque costume your perverted little mind can dream up … but please, not ‘just underwear!’

    Preferred accessories :

    • whips
    • crops
    • handcuffs
    • wrist restraints
    • bondage belts
    • sexy leggings
    • killer footwear…

    Going topless is totally fine!

    Hell, we were voted Best Place To Dance Topless for a reason, but please be aware lower genital nudity is not permitted anywhere in the venue.


    The following clothing types and items are not acceptable fetish wear :

    • plain jeans of any type or colour unless part of a larger acceptable ensemble costume (e.g. full leather chaps over blue jeans)
    • plain cargo or camo pants or shorts
    • plain briefs / plain boxers
    • pajamas / onesies
    • plain t-shirts (this includes skull / flame / band t-shirts)
    • plain silk or dress shirts
    • plain dress pants
    • plain fabric suits of any kind
    • plain work clothes
    • cheesey non-kinky Halloween-type costumes (NO Mario / banana / gorilla type costumes!!!)


    If what you are wearing wouldn’t draw a second look on the street or in a normal mainstream bar, it’s probably not going to pass dress code.

    Please note that our dress code is stricter than other nights!

    Once more for emphasis :

    Plain fabric suits of any kind as a base for an outfit will not pass dress code.

    The addition of a collar or cuffs will not get you in if you are wearing predominantly plain attire otherwise.

    If you are with a group of friends who are dressed fetish and you are not, you will not get in.

    The determination of our dress code staff at the door is final – if you have not planned for the dress code accordingly and are turned away, please take the situation with grace and come back more properly prepared next time!

    The effort is absolutely worth it, as a 100% full fetish party is a vibe like no other.

    Looking for suggestions of where to shop for possible outfits?

    Check our list of suggestions here! We have an extensive listing of many local shops which carry fetish wear, complete with reviews and photos.

    A word regarding several common problem grey areas:

    That cocktail, cabaret, vintage or rockabilly dress, though lovely, will NOT get you in on its own, with or without a fedora, hat or hairpiece. While we love, support, and often drool over our friends who are performers in the burlesque scene, this is not a burlesque night, and the Sin City dress code is stricter than other nights in this regard! As with all outfits, it must still be styled sexy / fetish / kinky in some way beyond just being classy and looking good.

    “Stripping Down” is NOT acceptable fetish wear on its own. Passing the Sin fetish dress code is about what you ARE wearing that is fetish, not about how much you take off. If you are not wearing anything fetish underneath, no amount of stripping down will get you past the dress code if all it leaves is plain boxers or underwear. While we love seeing people going bare as they dare, and this is the most fun party in the city to do so, please make sure it is leaving some kind of base outfit, however small, that still passes the dress code!

    Plain or band t-shirts are not acceptable fetish wear! T-shirts with skulls, flames or a cool band logo will NOT pass dress code. Plain black t-shirts with a graphic directly depicting fetish art or a fetish phrase (e.g. ‘Sinner’) will just BARELY pass the dress code, but to be frank, this is normally something reserved for staff who sometimes have to go outside and deal with the public outside of the venue, or for first-timers to the event. We highly encourage people to invest in a top more involved than just a t-shirt! Trust us, you’ll be glad you did, and the attention you get will make it worth it!

    Plain camo or cargo pants or shorts don’t cut it! These items alone do not constitute a fetish outfit. They can certainly be PART of one, but not on their own. Military gear is some of the cheapest and easiest out there to source, so it takes very little extra effort to dress up further with options and accessories such as military boots, military suspenders, shirts, dog tags, hats and helmets, goggles, gloves, vests, tool and gun harnesses, bullet belts…the list goes on and on! Or, even better, go for a full military dress uniform. Guys and girls alike love it and you will be one of the best dressed people in the room!

    Costumes will not be permitted entry unless styled fetish! While Sin City stages several large, full-scale and well-loved themes through the year such as Medical, Corset and Military, all costumes must still be styled fetish regardless of the costume theme. This policy is in effect at every event, regardless of theme.

    Goth, industrial and punk looks will not be permitted entry unless styled fetish! Again, we cannot stress enough, all outfits must still be styled fetish no matter what.

    See you there, SINNERS! 😉

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    Love rope? We do too!! Looking for rope players for this weekend’s Feb 10 Valentine’s event at the spectacular Hollywood Theatre!

    We are pretty excited to be welcoming back a cornerstone of the Vancouver kink community, RASCAL_21, and his legendary rope play space and frame, set up and located right in the main social area of the party!

    In order to use the rope play space, you must have a partner, have at least some basic experience, and you must book a spot to use it ahead of time!

    If interested, send an email to : brianvan99@yahoo.com

    Note that we will not otherwise be offering walk-up bondage rides at the party this weekend – if you want to use the rope area, you’ll need to book a spot ahead of time to use it!

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    90% SOLD OUT, 400+ EXPECTED

    Please read this important announcement fully regarding our end of year event for all the details!

    In short – our original planned venue for our big year end party at THE VAULT – has unexpectedly had to go on an unplanned hiatus from operations due to some roadblocks with the city regarding their business license. They are working with full co-operation with the city and we have no doubts they will be fully up and running again before long! We are well used to these kind of hurdles – as many people will remember, we went through this ourselves when we opened our own venue, our queer, kink & electronic arts & music community hub called CENTRAL STUDIOS just before the pandemic, which sadly had to close down due to the extended lockdown. We have been working with VAULT closely since they started up and are lending our full support while they get back on track! We have been working to get other options in place but had hoped things might change with our original venue, but as of today, we unfortunately officially have to announce we will be relocating this event to the WALDORF!

    There was a very real chance our last big bash of the year might have to be cancelled, and it is a bit of a miracle and the result of our long standing golden reputation with venues that we were able to secure another multi-room 400+ capacity venue, on short notice, to keep this event happening! These types of venues are hugely rare in Vancouver, so we are absolutely overjoyed that we can still all get together to kiss 2023 goodbye with one last raunchy rager, before we usher in the New Year!

    Fetish events are all about pushing boundaries and encouraging people to get out of their comfort zone and explore their wild side! We are all about curating places where people can indulge in what could be considered risky behaviour, but as safely and responsibly as possible. Some of our DJs are yearly residents at German Fetish Ball and KitKat Club in Berlin, and through our ongoing efforts as event organizers in Vancouver for over 22 years, we have worked to help change the perspective of the city authorities in regards to the fetish scene, to work towards a greater acceptance of kink events, both culturally and legally, and grow our scene towards the possibilities we see around the world, in areas with less restrictions than Vancouver. We will take things right to the edge of what is legal at venues, and work towards everyone be allowed to take them even further!

    But what we don’t do is cross the line and knowingly contribute to putting a business’s license at risk, or knowingly put our kink community in a situation where they may be nervous about the legality of the event, or have any fear or reprisal from any authorities or the surrounding neighbourhood. That is simply not us. We always work to foster long term relationships with venues, and present our community in a way that will be welcomed wherever our gatherings take us!

    THE WALDORF has been home to our last two major Sin City events – Halloween and Christmas – with both those events having an amazing energy and vibe! Another event actually had to be relocated to make space for us, so this was a real feat finding all our Sinners not just a replacement venue, but one we know suits our parties unbelievably well!


    Normally our Sin City events are 100% fetish dress required to enter the party in general. But, we are keeping the warehouse vibe for our end of year party, and our two main rooms of DJs and dancing are no dress code for this particular party. This is a rare chance to bring out some friends or newbies who have wanted to come but maybe aren’t quite comfortable with the fetish dress code yet! Everyone is of course encouraged to let their wild side out and dress up though, or course!!!

    The kink play room remains fetish dress code required to enter. If you want full access to ALL areas of the party, you still must dress up sexy / risqué / pervy / kinky in some way!

    Note that at our original venue, the second room of DJs was also in the fetish dress code required zone. The change of venue means that now the second room of dancing is also accessible by everyone in the no dress code zone!


    We are going ALL OUT with some serious extra installations to bring the vibe even further way way up to celebrate this past year of get togethers with our amazing kink community! Both the rooms upstairs and downstairs will be an all electronic format of dark and delicious dance tunes, with added performances and goodies!


    With the venue changing from a private warehouse special event to a venue with an ongoing liquor primary business license in place, this does mean the event now must operate under public nightclub venue regulations. This means that for attire, you can be 99% bare as you dare, but that lower 1% genital region must remain covered at all times. There also can be no sex on premises – though all other kinds of non-penetrative kink play is of course permitted. And of ALL the many venues where we have Sin City events, the Waldorf is easily our most well loved room for all our kink play installations. Visit Mistress Mercedes and get a private session with our in house dominatrix, our use one of the spanking benches with a friend and get some tips from her! Or, visit the Spin Of Sin, our kinky carnival area hosted by Switch Kitchen, and win 5 minutes of delicious torture from of the many mischievous Masters and Mistresses. Or, claim one of the satellite pieces of play furniture for some fun with a friend. There’s also plenty of leather couches for cuddling, watching, and there is always a great social vibe with loads to see and do in this room, sparking off within minutes of doors opening!

    This ALSO means that since the play room is no longer an SOP couples room, it is now also open to singles and anyone who wants to come in and soak up the vibe, whether you are solo, or part of a group! But – one last reminder – you must be dressed fetish to enter this area!


    The change in venue also does mean we open and close a little earlier, but trust, there is LOTS of fun to be had! Our big events at Waldorf are always over the top! This also does mean there is the possibility of booking an overnight room at the hotel attached the venue, if they are not sold out!


    This event is now over 90% sold out with only maybe 50 tickets remaining! If you have already bought a ticket and will still be attending, no action is needed regarding your tickets, just present them at the new venue!


    We always offer full refunds to all our events up to 24 hours before the party starts! Once we are past the 24 hour window, all tickets are final sale and the responsibility of the purchaser. So if you ever need a refund to a Sin City or Restricted event, make sure to get it in BEFORE the day of, as that will be well past the cut off!

    Refund requests are very simple, you just need to make them through the Eventbrite website by logging in using the email you used to purchase your ticket, looking up your upcoming order, selecting your tickets, and then sending in your refund request. You can also do many other things such as edit the name on your ticket order or have your confirmation email and QR code re-sent, all without needing to wait for a third party involvement. Once your refund request goes in, it will usually be authorized and completed within a few hours.

    PLEASE NOTE – refund requests can not be done by sending in personal emails or messages on social media sites.

    Logging in to Eventbrite (or, for any other upcoming events, whatever the ticketing company website is) is the ONLY way to send in your refund request, for fastest and assured processing!


    If you are still looking for more information, and you can’t find what you are looking for here at the Sin City website, drop an email to lead organizer Isaac T at the email below!



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    Thank you everyone for the crazy high levels of excitement and enthusiasm for the party this Saturday!

    We are SOLD OUT of all advance tickets! There will be 25 tickets available for purchase at the door (cash only) right when we open at 9 PM at the Waldorf, first come, first serve, one per each customer, who must be present, no holds!

    Some quick other notes regarding tickets :

    * We can’t predict how early or how many people will be coming looking for at the door tickets, so the only advice we can give is, be early!

    * At the door ticket sales will not be available on site prior to 9 PM! Staff may be on site setting up the event earlier, but admissions and ticket sales will not begin until doors officially open.

    * THERE IS NO WAIT LIST. We are receiving 10-20+ emails a day from people looking for tickets, far in excess of any tickets which may become available through refunds!

    * REFUNDS – if your plans have changed or you come down sick, you can absolutely request a refund. You can log into Eventbrite using the email you used to purchase your tickets, locate your upcoming tickets, and send in a refund request through Eventbrite. Or, there should be a shortcut or link to do this in the confirmation email you received after purchasing your tickets. Do not send refund requests as personal emails to show staff or as direct messages through social media. Refund requests made through the ticketing service are usually granted quite quickly.


    * Any tickets which are refunded will automatically show up as available on the Eventbrite ticket purchasing page, so it’s worth checking back there occasionally, as small amounts of tickets may have become available, and you might get lucky!

    * TICKET TRANSFERS – can be done by sending a screenshot of the ticket’s QR code, along with a message of some kind that can be presented to door staff, clearly listing the original purchaser’s name, authorizing by name the recipient to use the ticket. Please note that 3rd party ticket re-sales are never guaranteed or endorsed by the event organizers so BUYER BEWARE! There are many scammers out there, we do not recommend ever entering into any transactions with anyone you do not personally know.

    * GET YOUR TICKETS EARLY TO SIN CITY EVENTS! Demand and excitement for our fetish parties are higher than ever and all our parties have high chances of selling out ahead of time. Our next event, Carnival Of Kink on Saturday March 18 at Hollywood Theatre, is already selling like crazy!

    * JOIN THE NEWSLETTER! The absolute best way to stay in the loop for when tickets become available for events is to join the Newsletter! You can unsubscribe anytime. Sign up right –> HERE

    THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR ALL THE LOVE! We can’t wait to get kinky with you!

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    IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT — We have received a notice from Imperial Vancouver, our home venue for many of our upcoming Restricted Entertainment events, that they have made the decision to close indefinitely, effective immediately, and that they will be unable to honour or host all upcoming bookings.

    All ticket sales to all our upcoming events are currently paused and on hold while we search for replacement venues. In the event of new venues being secured, tickets will re-activate.
    Venues are extremely scarce and some events may unfortunately wind up being cancelled as a result of the Imperial’s decision, which is a huge disappointment to everyone to say the least.
    We have been informed by AdmitOne, the Imperial’s ticketing company, that in the event of any cancellations, all previously purchased tickets will be fully refunded automatically. You will not need to write in and request your refund.

    In the event a replacement venue is found, all previously purchased tickets will be automatically transferred over and valid for the new event.
    If you previously bought a ticket to an event, and the new venue or rescheduled date doesn’t work for you, you can absolutely get your ticket refunded.

    Send in refund requests by email to :


    PURR on Saturday October 15 has been moved to the Waldorf.

    Ticket sales have been exceptionally strong for this event and the capacity at the Waldorf is lower than the Imperial, so while we will be able to fit in all existing ticket holders, we may already have hit SOLD OUT status for PURR due to the venue change. We are very excited to release more details about this shortly in a separate announcement!

    PASSION PORTAL, SIN CITY and COFFIN CLUB events on the Halloween weekend are all on hold with ticket sales paused while we attempt to secure replacement venues. This is a very big challenge as we are only a month out from the first Halloween back since venues have fully re-opened, and almost all venues are sure to be already booked.

    If you hear of a 300-500+ capacity venue available October 28/29, please email :


    Please only let us know of any options you may know of that are confirmed as available on those dates, or which are available to be booked for larger scale events.


    MRG, the parent company which operates the Imperial, has cited safety concerns to staff and patrons due to the homeless encampment on the street outside the venue, and incidents of violence in the immediate area, as the reason for their decision to close. They must operate their business on a daily basis and this is their prerogative – all businesses should keep the safety of their patrons in mind, and no employees should be expected to work in unsafe conditions.

    However we must go on record and say that this is not the opinion of us at Restricted Entertainment. We have long had our events in the Gastown and Downtown Eastside area, with nightclub venues overlapping with the local residents. It being a low income area, with a high prevalence of homeless people and open drug use on the street level, is nothing new. This can be visually alarming, and while there have been incidents, assaults and friction in the area, this is also nothing new. Long time attendees of our events may remember a tent encampment outside Club 23 West many years ago which similarly stretched on for a considerable period of time. The Rickshaw has dealt with all these same issues the entirety of their operation, and are busier than ever.

    As we head into colder weather, we sincerely hope that all the people who are living on street level in the city are able to find housing which provides greater physical and mental shelter and support, and we strongly urge the city to help facilitate this in all ways possible.

    Businesses closing down, the city losing even more of it’s already scarce event venues, and people living on the street are all unacceptable. While the social problems resulting in these situations are understandably long-running and complex, they cannot be ignored and should be made an immediate priority.

    In terms of feeling unsafe, we feel that the situation on Granville Street every weekend outside the more mainstream venues frankly makes many of the patrons of our alternative, fetish and LGTBQ+ community even more uncomfortable and feeling threatened.

    These communities have long found homes in venues off the beaten path for exactly this reason, and have always been supportive of attending venues in less affluent neighbourhoods. This exact situation typically results in venues supporting more alternative and emerging forms of art & culture rising up in rougher areas of town.

    We would like to extend a personal thank you to the thousands of people who have supported and attended Restricted Entertainment events over the last 20+ years. Just showing up to the events and walking through the door directly contributes to the continuation and growth of underground culture in Vancouver.


    Isaac Terpstra
    Restricted Entertainment

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  • Dec 31 – NYE – CANCELLED


    It is with great regret we have no choice but to announce that Sin City NYE, planned for Dec 31 at the Imperial, is officially canceled, due to the new and ongoing pandemic restrictions on indoor gatherings.

    All tickets will be refunded in full, there is no need to write in to ask for a refund.

    All tickets & refunds for this event are handled by Admit One, the official ticketing service for the Imperial. Please be patient as the ticketing office is dealing with the simultaneous cancellation of all their events across all their venues for the next month, and refunds may take up to 30 days to fully process. This process has already begun and hopefully this timeline will be shorter rather than longer.

    Send any questions regarding ticket orders or refunds directly to their ticketing office at : ticketing@themrggroup.com

    This current round of health restrictions is active until January 18th, and we hope to once again have events as soon as possible after this, of course keeping in mind and working with all necessary CoVid-19 requirements.

    We highly encourage you to sign up directly to the Sin City Newsletter, for first access to news of upcoming events, and first access to tickets.

    Sign up to the Sin City Newsletter –> here

    This is of course devastating news to all of us – but the integrity and health of our community will always take priority. We are in this, together, for the long haul. That being said, every event is only made possible by a big investment of time, energy and commitment from our team, and this is beyond disappointing for our extended family of event organizers, show staff, performers and of course, our incredibly supportive attendees, whom we will all miss terribly over these holidays. This is yet another financial loss for us as a grass-roots and self-funded organization of motivated kinksters, but all we can do is make the best decisions we can with the bigger picture in mind, and look forward to when we can all get together again. Rest assured that we are always working in the background to get our public nightlife venues open once again to host ever bigger and better events for our community.

    P.S. Please do not post any politicized of negative comments on any of the social media threads related to this announcement. Sin City and the fetish community is a positive space. Let’s keep it that way.

    Yours In Sin,

    Isaac Terpstra / DJ Pandemonium
    Restricted Entertainment
    Sin City Fetish Night
    Vancouver Fetish Weekend

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    Hiring Square 630


    We’re looking to add to our team for the following positions for our December 31 / New Year’s Eve Gala and beyond :



    These are paid positions within our dynamic and creative team of community event organizers.

    Applicants must be outgoing, organized and familiar with fetish culture.

    If you are interested, send in an email to : isaacterpstra@gmail.com

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    It is with great sadness we must announce that we’ve made the difficult but necessary decision to cancel our Sin City Fetish Night X-Mas Ball, originally planned to happen Saturday December 11 at the Waldorf.

    When we booked the venue and event, we had hoped things would open up more by the date of the party, but with the remaining restrictions and CoVid considerations still in place, the Waldorf is still not able to open, as the layout of the venue is not conducive to social distancing or seated / tabled events, even with mingling allowed. We absolutely adore the space for fetish events under normal circumstances, but at this time, this is the responsible decision.

    Vancouver is in extremely short supply of venues even under normal circumstances and there unfortunately isn’t time or the availability to find an alternate venue which will work for an event before Christmas. However, we will be having an online event on the night of Saturday December 11, for fetish friends that want to tune in for a music livestream from the Sin City DJs & party crew, along with a group text chat & Zoom party!

    The GOOD NEWS though is that we ARE charging forth with many upcoming events booked and confirmed at the Imperial Vancouver!

    This space IS huge and wide open, and as we have seen at our Halloween and 20 Year Anniversary events, more than able to work as an environment where we CAN follow all the guidelines needed and still have an amazing night out with our fetish family in attendance, in the flesh, with everyone in their full glory!

    Our next full on Sin City event is none other than our epic FETISH NYE MASQUERADE BALL on Friday, Dec 31!

    Pre-sale tickets for NYE go on sale at noon TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 30!

    To access these the pre-sale tickets, you will need a link and code, which goes out exclusively to our Newsletter subscribers!

    Sign up to the Sin City Newsletter –> HERE

    Find our more about the NYE party –> HERE

    We also have a fetish friendly event in the works for Boxing Day, which we’ll be posting more details about shortly as well!

    Thank you to our incredible community of kinksters for your support, enthusiasm, excitement and patience as we navigate the twists, turns and many challenges bringing in the flesh events back to life!


    Isaac T / DJ Pandemonium
    Restricted Entertainment
    Sin City Fetish Night / Vancouver Fetish Weekend

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    We have a more full update coming tomorrow, but now that we have had a chance to discuss things fully with the venue, we wanted to let everyone know we have decided to still go forward with the event, in full compliance with all CoVid safety requirements! We may not be able to do everything we originally planned, with some of the health order restrictions still needing to be in place, but we still have a HUGE and joyous celebration of music, art and culture planned, and an evening jammed full of wonderful social connections in store … IN PERSON. Let’s all celebrate through the catharsis of reunion!


    – refunds available to anyone who already bought a ticket and would prefer to now change plans! Send all refund requests to : ticketing@themrggroup.com

    – all attendees must show proof of double vaccination at the door

    – while indoors, attendees will be asked to wear a mask unless drinking, or seated at a table with your friend bubble – pulling it down to take a sip of your beverage is totally fine!

    – mingling, standing, moving between tables, and moving through the space to interact with people, check out the art installations and performances is all is absolutely okay! You do not have to remain seated.

    – there is no reserved or assigned seating, attendees are free to move around and use any of the many nearby seats as they desire.

    – in accordance with current guidelines, there will not be a designated dance floor.

    – out of an abundance of caution and to ensure all attendees feel safe and have space to maintain social distance as necessary, we will be operating at 50% of the venue’s capacity.

    – we are already sold out at 50% capacity, so this does mean we can not currently release any more tickets. However, we expect some people to change plans, and may be able to release a small amount of more tickets based in this. We encourage people to sign up to the Newsletter for fastest access to updates!

    – sign up at : https://mailchi.mp/sincityfetishnight/newsletter-signup

    – there is some risk in attending large gatherings. While small, the risk of Covid is never zero. By attending this event you understand the risk, confirm that you are double vaccinated, and that you are in good health, and showing no CoVid symptoms. Please stay home if you are not feeling well, there will be more events in the future ❤

    Isaac T / DJ Pandemonium
    Restricted Entertainment

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  • OCT 16 – UPDATE


    UPDATE / OCT 16

    Hello everyone! Thank you again for your continued patience and support for all our Sin City and Restricted Entertainment family of events! We’ve now hit the mid-month mark for October, and unfortunately there’s not much new to report since our last update on Sept 23. Read on for all the full details and answers to the most common questions people are asking right now, but more than ANYTHING, we highly strongly encourage you to sign up to the direct email Newsletters for our main events, and move away from relying on social media to stay connected! You can always easily unsubscribe anytime!


    In the event that we ARE able to release more tickets to any of the events, tickets will be announced and links sent out via the Newsletter direct email lists FIRST and stand a very high likelihood of selling out before being announced on Facebook or anywhere else!

    Sign Up To The Sin City Fetish Night Newsletter Here :



    The current status of what is allowed for indoor events is no dancing, no mingling outside of the group you came with, seated pub / lounge / restaurant / cabaret stage show style events only. However, we are on the cusp of the full implementation of the ‘Vaccine Passport’ coming into full effect on October 24th. The entire purpose of this is to be able to lift some restrictions for indoor gatherings where 100% of the attendance is double vaccinated, and for such events to be able to function more normally. In general, the entire nightlife industry across the city has planned for the assumption events will be ON for Halloween weekend.

    The reality is, we may be waiting right up until October 24 when the vaccine passport goes into full effect, to receive the full details of what will be permitted. How (and even if!) club-style events will be permitted to function entirely depends on the details of what restrictions will be lifted or left in place.

    One would hope we would all be given some advance indication of what to expect so event organizers and attendees alike aren’t left guessing and can make plans accordingly, but there are no guarantees, and there has been no news as of yet.

    However, during a press briefing on Tuesday this past week, Dr. Bonnie Henry, the provincial health officer, said the province would make a decision by the end of the week regarding capacity and restriction changes for indoor events by the week, stating :

    “Our intent was always, when the full vaccine card came into effect, that we would be able to go 100 per cent capacity and take away some of the other restrictions we have around some events, like dancing and remaining seated.”

    It is now Saturday Oct 16 and while no further information has been released on this topic, it -sounds- encouraging and we are hoping for good news and a green light in the near future.

    You can read a full article about the press briefing mentioned here :


    In the event of any new developments, we’ll of course be releasing further updates!


    We have currently released tickets to 50% of the venue capacity, which are all completely sold out. Whether or not we can release more tickets and how / if the event can fully move forward is entirely dependent on news and further provincial instruction regarding the restrictions being left in place or removed with the implementation of the full vaccine passport coming into effect on Oct 24.

    Here are the possible ways things can go :

    1. Full green light, dancing allowed, 100% capacity allowed. In this case, more tickets will be released!

    2. Partial green light, dancing allowed, reduced capacity. If this is the case, we may not be able to release any more tickets, but will still be able to go ahead with everyone who bought tickets already!

    3. Partial green light, no dancing allowed, but full capacity and mingling allowed. This would be the most complicated option as we would still be able to gather but obviously many people would want to change plans if dancing was not permitted. In this case, refunds would be available to anyone who desired to change plans, and we would be developing the event in line with whatever instructions or permissions are given.

    4. No change to restrictions, no dancing, no mingling. In this case, the event would be cancelled / postponed, and all tickets refunded. We are extremely optimistic that this will not be the case and that the health authority will encourage safe gatherings of 100% vaccinated party-goers by removing restrictions on those events.


    Unfortunately there is no way we can accommodate this outside of our Newsletter. Even before CoVid, our Halloween events are in extreme demand and always sell out. If and when more tickets become available, they will be available first come, first serve. We highly recommend people sign up to the Newsletters for the events they would like to follow for first access to tickets!


    This applies to ALL events everywhere, not just here! During times of events with high demand such as Halloween and New Year’s, there is always a proliferation of scammers.

    Take extreme caution when considering buying from ticket re-sellers who say they have tickets they no longer need and promise to send tickets over after receiving a cash transfer in one form or another. The ONLY official ticket vendor for this event is AdmitOne.com . We are not able to endorse, verify or take responsibility for any tickets sold anywhere other than from our official ticket vendor AdmitOne.

    In the event that the event is postponed and tickets need to be refunded, AdmitOne will send refunds out to the original ticket purchaser on file, who is then responsible for any refunds for tickets they re-sold to a third party.

    Before buying tickets from any source, make sure to thoroughly check them and make sure you are comfortable that you will be able to get your money back from them should the event be postponed!

    If there are any issues with any ticket re-sellers, make sure to report their account immediately anywhere associated with their activity – Facebook, PayPal etc!


    Any changes to purchased tickets are handled by MRG, the company which owns and operates the venue for our Halloween events.

    You can direct any inquiries for refunds or changes to purchased tickets to :


    We know it’s mentally exhausting dealing with the uncertainty surrounding events at this time – we feel this and are doing everything we can to get back to fully legal and as safe as possible large-scale in-person events as soon as humanly possible. Thank you for sticking with us through all the twists and turns as we work our way towards that giant dancefloor where we can be all together again!

    Hopefully we’ll have more news in a few days or later this week!


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    Restricted Entertainment
    Sin City Fetish Night
    Vancouver Fetish Weekend

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