No Cameras

Absolutely no unauthorized photos, cell phone photos or camera use under any circumstances!

If someone has taken a photo of you without your consent, please report it to a staff member immediately. Anyone taking unauthorized photos will be asked to clear or delete the images and surrender their camera for the remainder of the evening. All decisions are final!

Photography is not permitted by anyone other than on duty Sin City staff photographers.

We like to consider Sin City a party that is OFF THE GRID. Many of our attendees are parents, lawyers, teachers, firemen, and are out for a night of partying where there is no danger of their night of fun appearing on Facebook or Twitter hours later. Everyone is expected to respect their fellow partier’s anonymity!

Complimentary photo booth provided, hosted by Gothic BC!

For those who want to show themselves off or get a photo keepsake from the night, we always provide a complimentary glamour photo booth where you can get photos and even have them printed out on the spot! The photo booth is hosted by Atratus from Gothic BC.