Sin City’s pervy pub takeover of the Astoria was every bit as fun as expected, with a great mixed crowd of every body type, age group and sexual preference in attendance. So many sexy, silly shenanigans all night, with a great social vibe from beginning to end. Thank you to all our Sinners for being such a fun-loving and warm-hearted group of people, and for embracing all the new venues where take our social gatherings! We work hard to provide our community with spaces to play and meet up, and the happy looks on everyone’s faces as they are having a great time always makes all the work behind the scenes worth it!

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    Many thanks to our resident photographer Rene Blais for capturing the vibe of the party so perfectly in this gallery!

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  • 100+ Photos From Sin City’s 1st Party At Celebrities Underground!


    In September of 2018, Sin City was invited to host a party at a new, raw and industrial special event warehouse space named Celebrities Underground, recently opened up underneath the iconic Celebrities Nightclub on Davie St. Of course we were only to happy to comply! Excitement ran VERY high for this event, with a strong showing of kinksters from all over Vancouver in attendance, decked to the nines. The event featured an electric dancefloor led by DJs Pandemonium, Evilyn13 and R-Lex, the incredible go-go team from Electric Obsidian, a suspension and rope play area hosted by Rascal_21, a BDSM play area hosted by the Vancouver Dungeon Monitor Team, and a brand new (and very popular!) couples play area. We’re obviously eagerly looking forward to our next opportunity to bring Sin City back there for a follow-up event!

    Many thanks to our resident photographer Frankie Panky for capturing the vibe of the party so perfectly in this gallery!

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  • 150+ Photos From Sin City’s Closing Party At The Odyssey


    It’s safe to say that The Odyssey will go down as one of the favourite home venues for Sin City Fetish Night, ever. The size, location, layout, staff, go-go shower … everything just fit our kinky gatherings like a perfectly made custom made leather glove. It finally closed for GOOD and we had our last party there ever on June 9, 2018, and we already miss it like blazes.

    Check out these ultra kinky and ultra colourful photos from the closing party – featuring an all-star lineup of shower dancers Jorja, Justine Sane, Spooksy DeLune, Romeo and Flavio, as well as a club full of kinksters who were all smiles, soaking up one last naughty party before the venue closed its doors forever, and became another in a long line of clubs which have closed in the last few years in the city. Sin City will move on to other venues, but The Odyssey will always occupy a special place in our hearts and memories!

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  • Fetish Halloween 2018 (400+ Photos)


    Photo booth hosted by Jonny Ray Photography, roving photos by Vancouver Positive Body Image Photography.

    Fetish Halloween is always one of our biggest Sin City events of the year, this year with 650+ people invading the gorgeous Imperial Cabaret. We love the range of kinky creativity shown in this gallery, and that our extended Sin City community is made up of all body shapes & sizes, all ages (well, 19+), and all sexual and gender identities and preferences.

    The costumes and outfits were INCREDIBLE this year! Thank you to everyone for going all out and bringing your wonderful energy to the party!

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    It’s only been a couple of months but we already miss the Odyssey like blazes! Check out these ultra kinky and ultra colourful photos from Sin City’s Carnival Party, always one of the top events every year!

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  • Sin City Fetish Night – Club 23 West Closing Party (Photos)


    Here’s the gallery from the last fetish party ever at Sin City’s original venue where it all began, Club 23 West, now known as The Hindenburg for it’s very last iteration. Though we had moved away from the club already and exploring other venues, this is where it all began way back in May of 2001. This was home base for the fetish scene for well over a decade, and the closest thing to a kinky ‘Cheers’ bar in Vancouver, where you always knew all your friends would be, and you would leave with even more friends every time you showed up. Sin City was twice a month for most of it, and we always said we’d come back for one last party when the final closing date was announced, before the doors were locked forever and new owners began the slow process of getting the building ready for demolition and gentrification.

    This was a smaller gathering, with some people there who had attended the very first party 18 years prior, many past staff coming by to join us, and was both a goodbye and a reunion party all at the same, sharing many fond memories from the last two decades. Many many thanks to all the attendees who came through the doors over all those years, and all the many staff and volunteers, all of whom came together to create a space where people could express their kinky side in an atmosphere of appreciation, joy and respect, all while having a killer time dancing, socializing and of course, playing in the Dungeon!

    But all good things must come to an end … as they say, when one door closes, another opens. This Saturday September 22, we have our first Sin City party at Celebrities Underground, a NEW event space literally underground, beneath the main Celebrities Nightclub. More info on that event here, but for now, enjoy these bittersweet photos from the last Sin City party ever at 23 West!

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  • 125 Photos From The 2017 Wild Kingdom Fetish Ball


    It took almost a year to arrive, but we are absolutely thrilled with this ferocious gallery from the 2017 Wild Kingdom Fetish Ball at the Odyssey! Amazing and creative outfits? Scandalous shower go go boys & girls? Sexy kinksters of every type glowing with happiness at being able to play in a sexually expressive, inspiring, welcoming and respectful environment? Check, check and CHECK! This party has it all! If we weren’t excited for the 2018 party Saturday night on August 18th, we sure are now!

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  • 332 Photos From Sin City’s 17 Year Anniversary Fetish Ball


    We’ve been having our Anniversary party every year for quite some time now at the fabulous Imperial Cabaret in downtown Vancouver, and we’re always thrilled to return – there are many reasons why it is our #1 favourite venue for our bigger events! This year’s anniversary celebrations were even bigger than usual, with a huge crowd of fun-loving Sinners in attendance decked out in incredible kinky outfits, an amazing aerial chain performance from special guest performer Cervena Fox, exotic pole dance shows by Kosmic Kitty, Ella Hotwheels, Matt The Human, and much more!

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  • 113 Photos From Sin City Fetish Night (March 2018)


    Once again we are over the moon at this incredible gallery of photos of our beautiful Sinner attendees, highlighting the wonderful cross section of pervy people who call Sin City a second home. This gallery also especially highlights our incredible venue at The Odyssey, the newly located and expanded kink play area, the energy of the dancefloor, the rope bondage performances on the main stage, and our hot as hell shower go go dancers Vieanna, Caelyx & Mr. James. We’re just gonna go on record and say that the duo performance at the end of the night might just go down as the hottest shower show to date at Sin, and that’s saying a LOT! Sploosh!

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