Thank you to everyone who came out and got wild with us at the Wild Kingdom party at Imperial Vancouver! What an INCREDIBLE kaleidoscope of colourful, kinky creatures we had in the house! It seems everyone is absolutely loving the venue and is super excited that we will be there more regularly! Essentially from this moment forward, the first of the two Sin City Fetish Night parties that happen every month will be held there!

You may not know it, but every Sin City party comes with a HUGE amount of work done by our set up crew to get the room just right for our wonderful Sinners. We’re there long before the party starts and long after, bringing in everything that makes the party what it is … minus all our lovely Sinner attendees, of course! Fetish events are made ever more intimate, high energy and amazing by the community vibe behind them, so if you’re one of the many who love Imperial as a venue for Sin City, please make sure and HELP SPREAD THE FETISH LOVE! Spread the word! Post in the events saying how much you loved it, or what your favourite things were! Post on your own profile letting people know about the party! Share links to the events! Take photos of yourself before the party and let people know how you excited you are for the event, get photos at the event in our epic photo booths and SHARE them – provided they’re not too hot for the internet, of course 😉



Our next Sin City party is a Back To Basics Customer Appreciation Fetish Party on Saturday January 25 at BLVD22. You can find more information about that party here :

Facebook / Fetlife
Here on the Sin site

After that we return to the Imperial for our Valentine’s Fetish Ball on Friday February 14th! Make sure and RSVP to that event here :

Facebook / Fetlife

And looking ahead – we’re going to be announcing details shortly for Sin City’s GRAND RE-OPENING 3 ROOM PARTY at the newly renovated WALDORF , under new ownership! This will be a 100% total venue & hotel takeover and an INSANE party, so keep the date open! That party happens on SATURDAY FEBRUARY 22.


Birthday party poster! Click to view full size!


I would like to personally invite all our kinky friends from Sin City to my birthday party, known as “BINGEFEST 40,000” , held in two weeks time at the Imperial! All I want for my birthday is all my friends from all walks in life together in one room having an amazing time. This is not a fetish night, it’s simply a HOUSE PARTY on a massive scale, which just happens to be getting held in a beautiful renovated theater space. The vibe is casual yet crazy! Dress up or don’t, it’s going to be super fun no matter how you slice it. Some of the many things going on :

  • social screening of “The Princess Bride” from 8:30-10. Movie + drinking = !
  • DJs from Sin City & Sanctuary, dancing from 10-2
  • burlesque performances from a powerhouse lineup of Vancouver’s A-List of sexy stage sirens : Burgundy Brixx, Little Miss Risk, Spooksy DeLune, Nicky Ninedoors & Melody Mangler
  • surprises galore throughout the night
  • huge crossover crowd of clubbers, music enthusiasts, artists, nightlife, film and TV industry professionals, creative people of all types
  • open to anyone who wants to come
  • only $5 for this huge party!

The Imperial is gifting us the room for the night but there are still some staff costs we have to cover, so we’re asking for a minimum donation of $5 at the door to offset the costs of the staff and performers, but it’s otherwise virtually free to attend because I’m hoping to see EVERYONE there! Having been a club and event promoter and DJ for almost 20 years now, as well as working for a decade in film & television set decoration, and for the previous decade as a sound & lighting event production technician, my birthday party always sees an amazing wide collection of creative people ranging from friends in the film industry, event promoters, DJs, stage performers, actors, artists, club enthusiasts and music lovers, musicians and more, and I’m hoping to see YOU there as well! While all our favourite DJs from Sin City and Sanctuary will be playing, and the energy level and party vibes will be in full effect, it’s also a much more casual type of party at the same time, perfect for getting to know people better that you’re probably been rubbing shoulders with for years!


Head over to the Facebook Event Listing and click GOING!



Your Sinful Servant,

Isaac Terpstra / DJ Pandemonium
(Producer : Sin City Fetish Night / Vancouver Fetish Weekend)

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