Sin City is blessed to have several local world-class photographers who combine unique vision, wonderful personalities and a tasteful artistic approach to capturing kinky vignettes with their lucky subjects. All of them have had their photographs featured in Sin City promotional artwork over the years. All are very serious about their craft, and are personally available for fetish photo shoots, commercial photography, personal projects, anything that might require the touch of a pro to elevate the end result beyond the norm. Check each listing for details about getting ahold of them if you need a photographer, or just to gaze at their gorgeous galleries!


David Denofreo

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Phone : 778 388 7229
Website : Black Opal Images

David Denofreo has been fascinated with photography ever since he bought one of the first digital cameras to come on the market. His experience with portrait photography began over 10 years ago at private parties and local events. Later on he began taking photos at Burlesque events, honing his skills in working with limited light and moving subjects.

David became fascinated with working with available light, and began taking portraits in front of storefronts and bus shelters in downtown Vancouver, using only the light from those sources. He quickly became known for his Night Portraits series. He likes to experiment with studio lighting, playing with different angles and setups. David’s post-production technique adds the finishing touch to images that have a dramatic, cinematic effect.


Some sample works – click the images to view larger!


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Website : Gothic BC



“Turning Nightmares Into Art”

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“As a child I had horrific nightmares. I was always terrified of the dark and what was lurking in the corners, the closet or under my bed. I learned to embrace the unknown and eventually found ways to welcome the twisted images that haunted my dreams. I opened my mind to this new world I had created where the deformed, the bizarre and the unconventional were beautiful, sensual and above all, accepted.

The darkness can be mesmerizing, scary, romantic and humorous. Through my photography I am able to express my passion by capturing the world of horror, humour and erotica through the eye of my camera.

It is an honour to be able to share my vision, to fascinate, and to provoke.”

– Danielle K L Anathema

Danielle is internationally published, with art pieces sold to several private collectors around the world! Calendar and Posters are available through Amazon.


Here are some sample works – click the images to view larger!